El hexagrama 14 es llamado 大有 (ta yu), “La Posesión de lo Grande”. The hexagram deals with pleasure that is spiritually meaningful. The universal spirit – the connection of everything in the universe as a sentient spiritual whole. Hello all, I asked Yi “I’m having trouble finding direction in my life. Any advice?” > 14 I am very confused something great is on the way.

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Psychologically, this line expresses the idea that the will of the ego to maintain the letter and spirit of the Work creates a climate of compliance among the other complexes within the psyche. Great Possessing, Spring Growing. Means to accumulate at the center with no failure. Concentrate on one inspiring goal and share your success.

James DeKorne’s Official Website – The Gnostic Book of Changes – Hexagram 14

Shine Hu Gua hidden influence 43 Determination: Here lies the potential for great blessings and good fortune. Quell your pride and envy and do not attempt to compete heagrama others or emulate those in power.

Click on the links to connect with the Relating Figure generated by each line. Great Power means being vigorous but Great Possessing is one who becomes a vessel of abundance that overflows. There is no blame in this. Similarly, if you open to the energy of life to lead you forward, you can access power or inspiration in greater measure.


Negative actions of others will have no effect on the work. One is blessed by heaven. Without a display of proper majesty they might otherwise feel too easy, and make no preparation to serve her.

There are many blessings at your disposal that only require that you keep your relationships balanced with sincerity. Her sincerity is reciprocated by all the others because hexayrama serves to stir and call out what is in their minds.

The situation shows a connection to passion and the synergy of Clarity. Great Being, Great Possessions.

14 Great Being DA YOU | I Ching: Mothering Change

Tao te Ching Audio. Line five symbolizes the ruler. New initiatives are very auspicious. One is confident, sociable, and dignified. Supreme 144 goes to those who are in the world, but not of it — who, in the fullness of possession and at the height of their power, remain modest and wink toward heaven. Brighten the inherent beauty of things. Otherwise, the people will become insolent and lose their attitude of service.


14 Great Being DA YOU

Gather the crowds around you. The wagon refers to gaining the consensus and support of others. He is clear, discriminating, and intelligent. Please select the chapter or hexagram below! This may seem like a disaster, but if you move with it rather than staying in the same place you can eliminate an old problem. The greatest teacher learns by the process of teaching and the most celebrated artists allow their work to lead them.

Do they tend to be more aggressive? A superior man’s meat is an inferior man’s poison.

Concentrate your energies and share the fruits of your efforts. The inferior man is unable to do this. At the outset, no threats have been received and no challenges met. The creative connection is there.

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