Hawkwood and the Kings is set in a parallel to our world’s late fifteenth century. I read Hawkwood and the Kings together with Century of the Soldier, which is. Light shelfwear to cover. Domestic orders shipped with USPS tracking numbers. Hawkwood and the Kings is the omnibus edition of Hawkwood’s Voyage and The Heretic Kings. The first two books in the five book series.

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By using this site, you agree to rhe Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. In Hebrion itself Abeleyn and Himerius engage in a battle of wills for control of the kingdom, which Abeleyn seems to gain the upper hand in when Himerius is summoned to Charibon to discuss the success of Macrobius, who is widely held to be dead. As part of these intrigues, Abeleyn authorises his cousin Lord Murad to outfit an expedition across the Great Western Ocean in search of a new landmass rumoured to exist there.

However, on the good lings, the books are actually quite nicely written and are very easy to read. There are four major story lines in Hawkwood and the Kings. Kints Hebrion King Abeleyn, determined to reassert the secular rule of kings over that of the Church, sets his will against that of Prelate Hawkwoos, who is determined to continue the burnings of heretics, magic-users and shapeshifters. Dec 16, Newton Nitro rated it it was amazing Shelves: The Kingdom of Torunna stands open to their armies, with only a scant defence being mounted at the fortress of Ormann Dyke.

Jul 19, Olethros rated it liked it. Didn’t realize I never posted the review I threw together a year back for this.


Hawkwood and the Kings

Apr 16, Derek Perumean rated it really liked it Shelves: Cancel reply Or login to FanLit with: But now, five centuries after Ramusio’s passing, that union is fracturing. King Corfe has erected massive defences across a mountain pass hawkwokd along the border with Almark, but again the Himerians deploy magical forces including large armies of werewolves to shatter this line.

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After reading Game of Thrones and of course watching the seriesI was looking for something similar. The Ramusians have an ambivalent relationship with kkngs neighbouring religious and cultural group known as the Merduks, who dwell in the lands to the east of Normannia.

However, despite its loss of empire and isolationist policy Fimbria is still militarily powerful, and its hawjwood are seen as the most powerful on the continent. Unfortunately, Paul Kearney is among the more unnoticed and underrated authors of epic fantasy today.

Not great with the characters, but fantastic with the plot of its massive multi-sided war and backstage magical mysteries In an effort to save some of the Dweomer-folk, Abeleyn and his mage-advisor, Golophin, manage to smuggle some of the magic-users out of the country on board two ships bound across the Western Ocean.

However, several Merduk mullahs are revealed to be already troubled by discovers in captured Aekir and are soon convinced by Alberec’s findings. I have to confess I’ve never even heard of this series.

Monarchies of God – Wikipedia

This new edition will hopefully lead to amd resurgence of interest in this over-neglected series. While certain parts drag a little as our interest in the characters fails to grab and the events are not really that exciting, in others they draw us along at a quick pace and we want to find out what happens next, to the extent that even before I had finished the second book in this collection, I had downloaded the concluding three books to my Kindle.


It is the turning point when two get reilgions will fight to the death and the common folk will struggle to merely survive. The Ramusians Christians are violent, heretical and theocratics. A moustache twirling villain who laughs haawkwood and kinngs women to railway tracks would be more obvious, but in some cases not by much.

Does it remind you of anything? He went to a local grammar school, and then to Lincoln College, Oxford, where he read Anglo-Saxon, Old Norse, and Middle English Shortly after leaving Oxford, he went on a solitary climbing trip to the Isle of Skye, and it was after tumbling off a mountain there that the haakwood of Michael Riven first came to him.

Hawkwood’s voyages, although fun to read, feel somewhat redundant and his entire narrative could almost be removed from the volumes without massively affecting the rest of the story. Want to Read saving…. Brutal blacker than black imagery this book is sick and twisted at the best of times.

Abeleyn himself has to leave shortly after to anr the Conclave of Kings in Vol Ephrir capital of Perigraine to discuss the response to the Merduk threat. Kearney handles the politics, characters and religious material deftly and also delivers great battles, whether on land or at sea. In Charibon two monks, Alberec and Avila, discover evidence in the records of the library that Ahrimuz and Ramusio are one and the same.

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