Harem [Colin Falconer] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. He had everything a man might dream of; wealth, power and the choice of. Harem by Colin Falconer – book cover, description, publication history. Last seen amidst the bloodthirsty Aztecs (Feathered Serpent, ), Falconer checks into a Turkish harem.

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It is quite beautiful. In that sense I think Sharon Kay Penman’s books about the Plantagenets are a little better written for entertainment value. You might just as easily be neglected and forgotten.

Like other Falconer novels, the writing is frank and does not shy away from the facts of life, but the writing is never lurid or vulgar. His books have been translated into seventeen languages. From medieval Venice to the slave markets of Algiers, from the mountains of Persia to the forbidden seraglio of the Ottoman’s greatest sultan, this is a tale of passion and intrigue in a world where nothing is really as it seems.

Raveness Nicole rated it it falconsr amazing Mar 21, Terkadang kita dibuat geram oleh kebodohan Sulaiman. His wife was a slave from Ukraine brought to Turkey at the age of 15 and using her strong mind became a survivor and a winner.

These were her apartments. No girl had been so favoured since he had assumed the throne. This is more the tale of three very different women than the tale of Suleiman, haeem the thought is definitely there. And she is portrayed as a bitter, scheming, bitch of a woman. Return to Book Page.


Suleiman controlled an empire of thirty million people, encompassing twenty different languages. Colin FalconerJuly 22, reposted from previous post on his blog.

THE SULTAN’S HAREM by Colin Falconer | Kirkus Reviews

Why then did the King of Kings, Possessor of Mens Necks, forsake his harem for the love of just one woman, and marry her in defiance of the centuries-old code of the Osmanlis?

You have been captured by the Turks after your Balkan city succumbed to a long siege. Water murmured in the marble fountain. Better make it count. The Kapi Aga wanted her to break the sacred silence of the Harem? He was handsome, she supposed, but not especially so. She despises the man who tore her from her home as just another bauble to add to his vast harem, and whom she must amuse endlessly lest she be tossed callously aside for another girl in the harem.

Published May 24th by Three Rivers Press first published There was only one other man who might walk freely here. Colin Falconer wraps history in melodrama and makes it entertaining every time.

She waited there for an eternity but no one came. Katanya sultan, fzlconer kok ya lugunya kebangetan. He emigrated to Australia where he helped a mate establish a new advertising agency. Sulaiman menjadi sosok pahlawan yang tragis.


Dari aspek itu, aku merasa harus memberi 3 bintang, karena ya aku suka. Her story and that of poor, poor Abbas are inexplicably entwined and how their hardm is resolved is both heartbreaking and happy.

Why then did he forsake his harem for the love of just one woman, and marry her in defiance of the centuries-old code of the Osmanlis? Firefly rated it really liked it Oct 21, After failing to make colon grade as a professional football player, he travelled around Asia; his experiences in Bangkok and India later inspired his thriller VENOM, and his adventures in the jungles of the Golden Triangle of Burma and Laos were also filed away for cilin, the basis of his OPIUM series about the underworld drug trade.

Harem by Colin Falconer

Want fakconer Read Currently Reading Read. My only real complaint about the novel is that for such a good book, the proofreading was not so great. May I have it?

Even as a wife, she is still a slave in everything but name, and she ruthlessly turns her mental hold on her husband to send him spiraling into madness while the kingdom collapses slowly around him.

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