Halo: Glasslands is the first novel in an all-new Halo trilogy based on the Xbox Halo videogame series. Karen Traviss, who has penned number. Halo has ratings and reviews. Broken_fingers said: Meh Disappointment. This is my first Karen Traviss book. I will not be buying her next Ha. Halo: Glasslands is a novel by Karen Traviss set in the Halo Expanded Universe. It is the first part of the “Kilo-Five trilogy” set in the months after the events.

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Continue shopping Glass,ands Continue shopping. How to write a great review. Out of hatred, Vaz approaches Dr. He was hilarious at times and his own personality actually grew as the story went along, which is something Traviss doesn’t usually excel at her characters usually don’t have any progressionyet, how many damn times do you need to explain how freaky it is that AIs can be in more than one spot at once?

The group starts aiding the servants and uncovers a plot to assassinate glssslands Arbiter.

This final point might have been long but it highlights the biggest problem with anything written by Traviss: For reasons that are beyond me, I cannot understand why the people at Microsoft and i would sign a contract with an author who had gained notoriety after her work on Star Wars.

The problem is that very little actually reflects this. That’s all I have to say about that. The prologue begins with a narration from Catherine Halsey regarding the current situation within the core of Onyx.

There’s a problem loading this menu right now. Nothing is really said about flasslands fact that she did actually care about her Spartan-IIs. To view it, click here. Article Discussion Edit History. I wonder if Glasslands 2 Will be published like a month before Halo 4 and somehow the post war series will work itself into the new games trilogy.

Halo Glasslands

They eventually discover a black, bottle-sized cylinder that appears to be monitoring them, but it escapes capture. Overall, a good book and one I recommend to read, even if you haven’t read any Halo fiction or played any of the games. But in truth, a lgasslands threat lurks beyond the boundaries of our empire.


Love it but still had the same problem as Halo: I don’t care if Osman wanted to create a bond with her team or some such thing, that wouldn’t have happened. It gets worse for Doctor Halsey as Captain Serin Osman, a Spartan-II program “washout”, plots revenge against her for glasslanrs kidnapping and body-horror she endured. There she was writing about soldiers that were lied to and misused by their governments, following clues and hunting down information around a variety of environments to solve glasslsnds sort of problem and she tries to recreate that style here.

The Sangheili cast out their religious leaders, The San’Shyuum, for lies which led them to the verge of wiping out the human race.

She also told us how close the crew was getting at the end, but never really showed us. But reading some of the passages for myself left me in a prolonged state of gag-inducing eye-rolling. Although this book is glasslanes completely built on the concept of morality, Karen apparently has only one perspective of the term and assigns the same outlook of what is humane, ethical, and moral to ALL of the characters.

The Piety hlasslands arrives, and the Sangheili find Manus and the rest of the Jiralhanae dead, along with dead Kig-Yar clutching glasskands rifles, and the Huragok missing. I don’t know how anyone can actually care about Kilo-Five.

Halo: Glasslands

There was the fact that the whole I thou This glaeslands, of course another book in the Halo series. The Kilo-5 novels, which starts with Glasslands, chronicles the events following Halo 3 when the Master Chief has disappeared, the Covenant has been defeated, and an uneasy peace exists between humanity with the various former Covenant races.

The Zombie Survival Guide. By the end of the book, this arc has pretty much been dealt with, leaving some possibilities open but closing off others. Across the galaxy, a woman thought to have died on Reach is actually very much alive. Jul 01, Grant rated it did not like it Recommends it for: She also has no moral high ground, but is quick to dispense judgement.


I only wish I hadn’t bought them already. Mendez and Halsey begin to argue over the situation but Fred steps in to break up the fight. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. Marooned with Chief Mendez and a Spartan team glassands a Forerunner slipspace bubble hidden in the destroyed planet Onyx, she finds that the shield world has been guarding haol ancient secret—a treasure trove of Forerunner technology that will change everything for the UNSC and mankind.

Halsey tells her that Forerunner technology is available to them.

Halo 8Kilo-Five 1. Italics indicate upcoming releases. When they discover a tall tower, all in black, the mysteries of the Dyson Sphere just compounds.

Halo: Glasslands (Literature) – TV Tropes

I totally agreed with the idea glasskands Halsey and Mendez would have an astronomical amount of guilt, and that they would be at each others throats. Her writing is tighter and her characters have more depth. The Battle of Corrin. Triple Zero Star Wars: Print Hardcover, paperbackAudiobook. An occultist attempting to capture Death to bargain for eternal life traps her younger brother Dream instead.

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Halo: Glasslands – Halopedia, the Halo encyclopedia

I was hoping it was a case where I would enjoy it even if others haven’t. Yes, yes it is.

Evan Phillips and Naomi are all prepared for their briefing. As Kilo-Five joins the hunt for Halsey, humanity’s violent past begins to catch up with all of them as disgruntled colony Venezia has been biding its time to strike at Earth, and its most dangerous terrorist has an old, painful link with both Halsey and Kilo-Five that will test everyone’s loyalty to the limit.

Some fans may balo difficulty galsslands the treatment of fan favorite Doctor Halsey who is called out repeatedly for her kidnapping of children to create the Spartans. The Flood Audible Audiobook.

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