What is a Bunion? A bunion (also referred to as hallux valgus or hallux abducto valgus) is often described as a bump on the side of the big toe. But a bunion is. A bunion is a deformity of the joint connecting the big toe to the foot. The big toe often bends Synonyms, Hallux abducto valgus, hallux valgus, metatarsus primus varus. Hallux Valgus-Aspect pré op Specialty · Orthopedics. Hallux valgus causes pain particularly in the bunion on the inner side of the foot, Interventions for treating hallux valgus (abductovalgus) and bunions.

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J Bone Joint Surg Am.

Lapidus 19Taylor et al. Sign in via OpenAthens. Hallux valgus causes symptoms in three particular ways. Finally, normal function of the forefoot relies heavily on the great toe pressing down on the ground during gait. Little stability with wires, reduced perfusion of head of metatarsal I. In the presence of a greatly increased intermetatarsal angle, care must be taken to compress the metatarsus to enable proper adjustment of the angle between the proximal phalanx and metatarsal I.

For mild deformities, resection of the prominent medial eminence exostectomy or bunionectomydistal metatarsal osteotomies, and realignment of the soft tissues surrounding valguss metatarsophalangeal joint are commonly employed.

Complicated and costly implants staples, screws are available, but adequate fixation can be achieved with a simple, inexpensive suture threaded through drill holes.

Bunion – Wikipedia

Published online Dec 7. Viruses acquired abroad—what does the primary care physician need to know? In this article, we selectively review the pertinent literature, including the recommendations of medical societies in Germany and abroad, in the light of our own clinical experience.


If the bunion deformity becomes severe enough, the foot can hurt in different places even without abductuz constriction of shoes. A prospective, randomized study of 84 patients.

It often suffices to advise the patient to wear shoes with soft soles and without excessively high heels no more than 4 cm.

Little stability with wires or sutures, reduced perfusion of head of metatarsal I. Diagnosis The lateral deviation of the great toe is obvious when the patient stands barefoot Figure 1. Arthrodesis of the first metatarsophalangeal joint is utilized for severe deformities, spastic or rigid deformities, and associated arthritis. Search Advanced search allows to you precisely focus your query.

The Treatment of Hallux Valgus

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Bunion. Medical Clinics of North America Review. View All Subscription Options. Bio-mechanical instability is the most common etiology and is associated with flat feet, gastrocnemius contracture, excessive flexibility of ligaments, forefoot varus, and abnormal bone structure.

Physiotherapy New York, NY: J Bone Joint Surg. First haklux foremost is pain in the bunion, the pressure-sensitive prominence on the medial side of the head of the first metatarsal. Even pronounced deformities can be corrected, but generally an accompanying osteotomy at the base of metatarsal I is required Figure 7. Atop of the first metatarsal head either medially or dorso-medially, there can also arise a bursa that when inflamed bursitiscan be the most painful aspect of the avlgus.

Procedures are designed and chosen to correct a variety of pathologies that may be associated with the bunion. Special cases Occasionally there are special indications. The valgus position of the great toe is not the only deformity. A congruent first MTP joint is described as alignment of the uallux joint surfaces of the metatarsal head and proximal phalanx base with the toe in a slight valgus position. There is no consensus on the advisability of carrying out additional lateral release in the case of an incongruent metatarsophalangeal joint.


Sites of surgical procedures for treatment of hallux valgus. These techniques valguz hardly be randomized without taking account of the exact deformity.

This algorithm broadly corresponds to other published recommendations The malposition of the great toe, of course, cannot be corrected with insoles alone. Antiphlogistic salves can be administered locally, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs systemically. The preferred procedure in physically inactive patients is therefore a very old intervention, namely resection arthroplasty with removal of the base of the proximal phalanx of the great toe 16 Pain in the smaller toes can be alleviated with pads and toe straighteners.

The EFN must be entered in the appropriate field in the cme. Look up bunion in Wiktionary, the free dictionary.

The Treatment of Hallux Valgus

Prevalence of hallux valgus in the general population: A conservative operation for bunions. Surgery to straighten toe.

Many experts feel high-heeled shoes with a small toe box or tight-fitting shoes do not cause the deformity. Severe deformities mostly affect the middle-aged and elderly, predominantly women Figure 5a 1. Ferri’s Differential Diagnosis E-Book: The lateral deviation of the great toe is obvious when the patient stands barefoot Figure 1. Clin Orthop Relat Res.

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