HAFA specialist agent and HAFA forms for Niceville, Crestview, Destin, Fort Walton What is the paperwork required for HAFA for Bank of America, Chase, Citi. transfer paperwork, and coordinate between email to hamp_servicingtransfer @ HAFA. Servicing. Transfers. Reporting a. HAFA Short Sales: U.S. Treasury, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac Programs. 4. MODULE 1. . servicer is the entity that processes all paperwork and approves or.

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And homeowners may walk away from properties with fewer woundsAnd without having hafz dignity shredded. Prospective buyers will know where they stand in a possible deal. We aim to build lasting relationships with our clients and to exceed their expectations.

Adhering to timelines was another diffi culty. In the HAFA program you will have much less impact on your credit score than a traditional short sale would have.

We understand that real estate law can be confusing. Some people familiar with HAFA have observed communication breakdowns, slow responses, and a lack of adherence to guidelines. Count on our team to listen to your goals and concerns.

HAFA Short Sale Attorney Chicago Illinois – Ranj Mohip

After all, there are literally hundreds of pages of HAFA rules and guidelines to digest. You are not responsible for the amount that falls short in the payment from the short sale.

Though guidelines say that borrowers will be notifi ed in a timely manner whether a sale hasBeen approved, Malakouti said it took more than 20 days for such a response.


The second option is a short sale.

Second lien holders also can gum up the process. We will address your issues and answer papdrwork of your questions. Your mortgage company will work with you to come to an acceptable sale amount for your HAFA short sale. For homeowners, benefi ts include: In this option the lender allows you to give your title back to them which transfers ownership back to them.

In this program you are able to get free advice from HUD-approved licensed real estate professionals and housing counselors. For example, the listing period must be a minimum of days paperwirk can be extended up to a maximum of one year. Consumers, for one, likely will gain greater awareness of it.

Use this website as a guide to find the services that you think are right for you.

In either option the HAFA program provides home owners options that help you through the transition. In a short sale the lender allows you to sell your house for less than the amount that you still owe them. The remaining amount is guaranteed to be waived. For paperworj, she questions whether lenders, who right now can sit on decisions for months, will retool in a way that will enable them to hsfa speedier decisions and actually streamline palerwork experience.

We are here to help you successfully navigate this situation. Be prepared to provide guidance to the lender about what HAFA is, how it works, and the timelines involved. Such skepticism is well grounded, according to Robert Malakouti, who successfully completed one HAFA short sale and has two in progress.


California Real Estate – September 2010

After submission of an executed purchase contract, servicers must approve or disapprove a sale within 10 business days. Published by California Real Estate.

Frontline offers an array of HAFA education and resources.

Keep an eye out for incomplete applications and paperwork, particularly information concerning relocation money due to homeowners. The first option is a deed-in-lieu of foreclosure. Follow up aggressively and be sure haf are treating hqfa continue to treat your sale as a HAFA transaction, rather than a regular short sale.

As with any complex program, education is key. He anticipates it being six months before lenders get up to speed on the program.

Real Estate Attorney Ranj Mohip. Some observers expect HAFA to gain momentum over the next six months.

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You have two options in the HAFA program. You will feel secure and confident in our abilities. The HAFA program is different from traditional short sales because it completely releases you from your mortgage debt.

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