Pyramid, Thaumatology, Chinese Elemental Powers, e23, and the names of all products published by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated are registered. I supported because “How else you gonna get that sweet, sweet GeekGold? Do something crazy like write a review or session report? Pffft!” – Jim Calabrese. Post about your experiences and thoughts with the GURPS Magic . a bit, known as GURPS Thaumatology: Chinese Elemental Powers.

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Page 1 of 5. Chineee Elemental Powers blends the concepts of qi chi and magic, empowering elementalists with gifts that truly capture the feel of xing mastery. Water Nourishes Wood is a really handy tidbit for naturlists and farmers as well. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. However those with the other books, especially a good understanding of GURPS Powers will find this the least useful chpater in the chineese. Apart from that, Sorcery is certainly generic enough to be dropped into many settings.

GURPS Thaumatology

The elenental one comes in at 8 pages and explains how Sorcery works. It is too limited to replace their magic system but it will be a nice supplement that flavors the various versions nicely. This material is used here in accordance with the SJ Games online policy.

Basically you have SoEmp as an enabling advantage that allows you to. Find More Posts by SolemnGolem. The good thing about that is that they are often a lot less complicated than the spells in Magic. This part is pretty exhaustive answering almost every question about the system that could come up.

The heart of the content lies in the new advantage Sorcerous Empowerment. The other problem is more endemic to the Magic as Powers approach: Sean Punch 42 pages. The character-point intensive method is called Personal Sacrifice, the time-intensive is called Spectral Forging and is more dangerous.


Here a few are listed with the discount because there really different writeups of the same basic power. Occasionally from my own mistakes. It covers and consolidates rules from a variety of book and goe over some setting specific elemebtal so I do consider it useful and a required chapter. Kommentar verfassen Cancel reply Enter your comment here Chinese Elemental Powers balances the yin of magic and the yang of powers to offer poweers something that is both.

Thinking it over I do miss a few “cold” effects for Metal. Find More Posts by robkelk. Find More Posts by whswhs. The Chinese view of the elements xing is rich and nuanced, with cycles of creation and destruction: Spells in this are elementql built as abilities and make use Sorcery Talent. Find More Posts by Varyon.

Use the expanded advantages, disadvantages, and skills to build the magician you want — or just adapt the sample elementalist, Wang Laowu. I liked it and it does a very good job of explaining the concepts and thwumatology.

It is relatively simple and very elegant. These interactions are as flavorful as they are balanced — perfect for a magic system! All things cycle through Earth, water, fire, metal, wood Always, that is Tao — Some hack.

Instead of arbitrary chines costs for any given spell, it uses its character point cost as the basis then modifies it by the type of object it is cast on. I tend to run high power fantasy and in working into my setting I have decided that it can easily scale up in power.

This is a meat-oriented book. Overall this chapter thaumato,ogy really the perfect size and feel for explaining the key concepts.

Also several mentions of AA where the alternate is not dhinese if the other version is. Chapter 4 Elemental Abilities The real heart of the book and what I was looking forward to the most.


It offers some rules switches that give players more tactical options and explains in detail how the mechanics were arrived at. Totem Spirits My Blog: Meditation powerd some love, though I already used it as its described here but its nice to have house rules in published form.

Chinese Elemental Powers My campaign has a stand alone side quest for each of the for players. Overall I loved the book and while I liked all of Bills work I think this is his best and most useful out of the box. Actually this version is a lot better written and balanced I think. Notify me of new comments via email.

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GURPS Thaumatology: Chinese Elemental Powers (PDF Version) | RPG Item Version | RPGGeek

Wield the Might of the Five Eldmental Combine Talent, Meditation skill, and the new Focus technique to push your elemental abilities beyond their limits and use them in powerful ways. Of course any book about matters magical is not going to be appropriate for settings without supernatural elements. A few of the perks might be overpowered but overall I think everything elemenatl out really well and manages to catch the feel of the elements while still being playable.

Yrth Fighting Styles jumped them. In any case, they have a lot of flexibility when it comes to very low-level effects, which is something that Standard Magic is not so good with.

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