The. GURPS Martial Arts: Technical Grappling web page is technicalgrappling. Bibliographies. Many of our books have extensive bib-. Forum poster Icelander wanted to create a special martial arts style for actually being trained to arrest and detain folks. It’s based on how they. Even when GURPS Martial Arts: Technical Grappling was published, there were ways to simplify it, and some of those were included in.

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Any melee — from a brawl to a swordfight — could suddenly move into the clinch. The rules are robust enough to handle these cases plausibly. The good news is, the full potential complexity I just described is rarely seen in actual play, and when it is, a little hand-waving and guestimating is good enough.

Monday, October 14, Taking Technical Grappling for a spin. I needed 3 sessions with big fights to get comfortable with the mechanics, and that was with posting my questions to this forum and getting helpful answers from the author. Chapter 3 martixl the cool stuff, combat.

GURPS Martial Arts: Technical Grappling

Gladiators — Visit the world of the Roman gladiator, and bring his fighting styles, weapons, and way of life to your campaign. Whether your campaign features athletes wrestling tecnhical prizes and honor, lawmen who must control and disarm suspects, or historical warriors trained to fight to the death, Martial Arts: Discover how technical proficiency complements raw power. You need to have a solid idea of grapplnig the rules let you do and not do in order to either grapple or avoid grappling.

You need to know or look up your single-limbed grappling ST score. Achieve leverage by jockeying for not only posture, but also facing and orientation.


Narrow your focus with the One Foe option, exploit Committed Attack to force a posture change, pass a limb to trap your opponent, and more. I found it intimidating at first, …. So far, so good. And defenses are derived from DX.

And if you grab a foe in different places, then he may have different penalties for each limb. You do need to know ugrps trained ST for multiple skills you can’t grab with Judo and roll with your Wrestling-modified ST, sadly. Long story short – I needed to try the rules out in play, and it seemed like a good idea to try them out with the author since he’s my friend.

Use an Escaping Parry to break a clinch, or Change Position to establish a weight advantage. You grab, you get some Control Points CPsaccumulate enough to make it hard for the opponent to escape, then go for moves to finish the tfchnical. The canny warrior knows that grappling is fundamental to fighting.

The fight itself was pretty fun. But as a fighting method, it ended up relying a bit too much on hope “I hope he gets Stunned and drops his weapon!

How much control you get in a grapple depends partly on native strength and partly on your skill in the application thereof.

But the first chapter especially could also ttechnical used a “roadmap” — an overview of how the material was going to be presented and how the mechanics were going to be introduced. Learn Jacket Wrestling or Shuai Jiao — and distinguish between between bear and lion attacks — with six classic styles plus four specifically for animals.

Let me say instead that this book is highly useful if you have a campaign that fits any of these descriptions: This is a hard subject to get a hold on, however; volumes have been written about leverage alone. Once you grapple someone, you can basically do two things: Transform grappling from an all-or-nothing affair to a matter of degree. Once you get in a good lick, you have the upper hand, and the techniacl one is easier.


Dungeon Fantastic: Taking Technical Grappling for a spin

A grups man might have to attack several times in order to accumulate an impressive control point total, but having done so, he can do nasty things to a stronger man by tecchnical those points profligately. Chapter 2 is all about armed grappling, and the most useful part of the whole book, in my humble opinion, is the flavor text introducing this chapter.

Grappling can be much more involved, and a poor gambit can result in losing everything you worked for. Fortunately, I persevered, and after the first pass, I had enough sense of the overall framework to read it again for understanding. Try to escape, and roll to see how much “damage” you do the hold. The benefit of using a grapple to move a foe is alike in kind, to put him in a facing or posture in which his defenses are penalized, and hopefully to keep him there, so that the remainder of the combat is a one-sided affair in your favor.

I read the book a couple of times – both in total and in pieces. Now that I’ve got a better handle on the rules after a run-through, I feel a lot more comfortable with the rules set and I’m even more pleased to have them handy.

First, it introduces some granularity.

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