The Complete Little World of Don Camillo (The Don Camillo Series) [Giovanni Guareschi, Adam Elgar] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Little World of Don Camillo has ratings and reviews. Ahmad said: Don Camillo: Mondo piccolo = The Little World of Don Camillo (Don Camillo. The Complete Little World of Don Camillo has 50 ratings and 10 reviews. Huw said: I was first introduced to Don Camillo in my teens so it was an absolute.

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The combination of a humorously provocative nature and the creative talents of a cartoonist and writer was always bound to get him noticed, and quite possibly into trouble. Le sue storie semplici e fresche continuano tutt’ora a incantarmi. Di episodio in episodio si compone una piccola cittadina, compaiono i suoi abitanti, le sue figure storiche, le sue situazioni strane, le sue lotte fra cittadiniā€¦ Qui si chiamano Don Camillo e PepponeLo Smilzo, la signora Cristina, ect.

The characters are incredibly human and very easy to empathise with. Letto, riletto e riletto ancora. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. So I bought this for her birthday, and then read it myself – and they are entirely delightful! It is the amusing, if unlikely, story of how Peppone,who has become a senator!

One mild paragraph described how he was drafted into the Italian army for criticizing the Fascists just in time to be taken prisoner by the Germans when the Italian war effort collapsed, and mentions aside that because he refused to work for the Germans was sent to a prison camp in Poland instead I liked this quote: View all 4 comments.

Giovannino Guareschi – Wikipedia

Want to Read savingā€¦. He even sorts out an operatic tenor a who has been singing false notes with “a kick powerful enough to launch a Caruso”.


At the same time, it yuareschi in a charming way how even the worst enemies can guareschu their pride in times of major crises. This article needs additional citations for verification. He paced to and fro for a few moments and then pulled up opposite the man.

Udeni rated it it was amazing Oct 06, David Oliver rated it it was amazing Jun 16, Two hundred times I have pulled the strings and make them do the most extravagant things that anyone can imagine. Light exists even in a world of the blind. At first because of the format and simplicity of some of the stories I mistakenly thought that these were simply light hearted tales, featuring simplistic morality. Their Cold War adventures, mishaps, arguments, and reconciliations have a timeless quality.

One I want to say “charming”, but there is more going on than that in this collection of short stories centering on the priest of a small, post-WWII camioo Italian village and his mostly comic assorted tribulations with local people and politics. Hanley 1 January There are logically five books in this collection, covering the period from the early s to the mids, a period in which Italy steered itself gguareschi a broken-down post-war economy to a wild and swinging destination for fashionistas.

Comrade Don Camillo

A heap of bite-sized delights! Sep 18, Clive Freeman rated it it was amazing. But many of the local characters really do come alive. The story takes place during a time where Camiilo was very big and created many problems. Don Camillo had no sooner turned the bend when he found the way unexpectedly obstructed. He is “a big man and about as graceful in his movements as a division of armoured cars”.


The two conflicting groups are even prepared to combine their efforts for the good of the village but “Renzo only shook his head”.

Return to Book Page. Don Camillo also never condemns Peppone himself, but the ideology of communism which is in direct opposition to the church. Littlehampton Book Services Ltd Availability: If you keep this in mind, you will easily come to know the village priest, Don Gareschi, and his adversary, Peppone, the Communist Mayor.

Retrieved from ” https: If there is anyone who is offended by the conversations of Christ, I can’t help it; for the one who speaks in this story is not Christ, but my Christ – that is, the voice of my conscience.

The Round Dozen Elizabeth Cadell.

The Little World of Don Camillo

For the films, the town chosen to represent that of the books was Brescello which currently son a museum dedicated to Don Camillo and Peppone after the production of movies based on Guareschi’s tales, but in the first story Don Camillo is introduced as the parish priest of Ponteratto.

Ocean rated it it was amazing Dec 06, And it brought, occasionally, a lump to my throat. Determined not to miss a God-sent opportunity to throw a spanner in the works, Don Camillo skilfully inveigles himself into the group, and to Peppone’s dismay he becomes life and soul of the Party. Camillo is far from being a conventional saintly figure, and has been known to go poaching and to carry a tommy gun strapped under his cassock.

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