Complete scans of all volumes of SGA with the exception of SGA 5 which is here, Algébrique (FGA) – A collection of Grothendieck’s Bourbaki Seminar exposés. book “Revetements Etales et Groupe Fondamental”, Lecture Notes in Mathematics, , Springer-Verlag, , by Alexander Grothendieck et al. In French. Préfaisceaux, par A. Grothendieck et J.-L. Verdier: (original, réédition); Topologies et faisceaux, par J.-L. Verdier: (original, réédition); Fonctorialité des.

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I was ashamed I let the immensity of the work scare me away before. On the other hand, I have it on my shelf and am perfectly comfortable referring to it when necessary. I should say something about the French.

Mathematics > Algebraic Geometry

I dislike Hartshorne’s book immensely. Mathematics Stack Exchange works best with JavaScript enabled. Consider early 20 century point set topology: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. However, as the title suggests, these books are in french. Hartshorne’s book brothendieck good, but at times he considers only schemes over algebraically closed fields, where he could be more general.

But this isn’t a cause of them being able to do the kind of work they do; it is an effect. The material has a reputation of being hard to read for a number of reasons. The only reason to read Hartshorne is for the exercises. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.


I think EGAs and SGAs are not useful for “students of today” but they are indispensable for “researchers of today”, and “tomorrow”. That was one principle of Grothendieck: It’s true that I haven’t in any real sense “read” EGA.

Towards a free electronic TeX version of SGA

Otherwise, why bother having a discussion on this kind of thread? These were published as the seminar proceeded, beginning in gothendieck early 60’s and continuing through most of the decade.

Somewhat more generally, I don’t think that flat descent should be the focus for most students when learning algebraic geometry. Sorry, I misunderstood your original remark. I don’t think I have the attention span or the time nowadays to read them front-to-back. The published part of EGA is in Publ. Grithendieck is easy to be mesmerized.

Réédition de SGA 4

More generally still, this is probably a good summary for my case against spending time reading EGA. Then you revisit the same topics and, with your new and better grothendievk, you appreciate more of it. I think the stacks project is close to approaching this, and indeed may have already approached it and started moving beyond! Last revised on April 22, grothenddieck But why do you do it if there are so few interesting combinations of these axioms?

I understand French is the problem. EGA was never completed.

Much of what I might say was already said by Matt Emerton. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. But you will likely have to find your inspiration elsewhere. Here grothendiecl a list of what you must cover: When I need to know where something is, I just ask someone. You then prove that a combination of some plus insert-favorite-property-here is equivalent to another combination. Beauville or but Barth et-al All this come before and during reading material in your speciality, anything modern, or anything which is just plain fun.


Grothendieck’s metaphor of opening a walnut by soaking it in water is remarkably apt. You need to consider non-Noetherian schemes when grofhendieck some natural constructions in arithmetic geometry.

[math/] Rev\^etements \’etales et groupe fondamental (SGA 1)

We plan to list here the grand plan and some remarks and links. So what are you to do?

But B tensor B over A isn’t Noetherian. I’m surprised, reading the various answers and comments to this question, how much support there is for the idea of reading EGA.

You will have to read papers by Deligne, Serre and other inescapable members of the French school; most of these have not been translated. Unless you have a really special interest, you shouldn’t.

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