: Geräte- und Produktsicherheitsgesetz (GPSG). ( ) and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books available. Chapter. Geräte-und Produktsicherheitsgesetz (GPSG). Part of the series Springer Praxiskommentare pp Begriffsbestimmungen. Thomas Wilrich Affiliated. Geräte- und Produktsicherheitsgesetz (GPSG) Schutz der Verbraucher vor gefährlichen Produkten w.

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In such cases it shall notify the other GS bodies and the competent authority of the withdrawal. In the case of an item of technical work equipment not covered by a statutory ordinance according to Section 3 Subsection 1, the legal Situation at the time it is first brought into circulation within the scope of the present Act shall govern. Sections 5, 6 and 8 to 10 shall not apply where other statutory regulations lay down equivalent or more extensive provisions. By christoph in Safety Standards on March 28, This also covers notification of a deficiency in a technical Standard according to which the product has been manufactured.

In the case of products subject to a statutory ordinance according to Section 3 Subsection 1 and bearing a CE mark, the competent authority assumes that the requirements laid down there in each case are satisfied. Section 3 Authorisation to Adopt Statutory Ordinances 1 The Federal Ministry of Economics and Labour may, in consultation with the Federal Ministry of Consumer Protection, Food and Agriculture, the Federal Ministry of the Environment, Nature Conservation and Reactor Safety, the Federal Ministry of Defence and the Federal Ministry of Transport, Construction and Housing, adopt ordinances under the provisions of Sentence 2 for products after a hearing by the Committee for Technical Work Equipment and Consumer Products with the consent of the Bundesrat upper house of parliament in order to fulfil obligations arising form inter- governmental agreements or to implement or perform the statutory regulations passed by the European Communities.

The Committee shall adopt rules of procedure for itself and shall elect a chair from among its members.

» Equipment and Product Safety Act (Geräte- und Produktsicherheitsgesetz, GPSG) German Law Archive

Improvements in Scale of Rations: The contents of this page may be downloaded and printed out in single copies for individual use only. If they become active under Sentences 1 and 2 they shall notify the competent authority responsible for the accreditation in the meaning of Subsection 5. In Section 2 Subsection 1 No. It may only be granted for a limited term and may be granted subject to revocation and subsequent stipulations.


If the conditions are met, the authority responsible for the delegated body shall appoint the applicant as approved body for certain products and processes.

The person thus obliged may refuse to provide information to questions if answering such questions may expose him or a related person designated in Section Subsection 1 Nos. They are obliged to provide the competent authority on demand with the information required to enable it to perform its tasks. Chapter 3 Surveillance of the Bringing into Circulation of Products.

The Bundestag has, with the consent of the Bundesrat, resolved to adopt the following Act:. Where Information transmitted is described as a Company or business secret, the competent authority or the delegated body shall assume in cases of doubt that the person so describing it is affected. For the inspections by official or officially recognised experts as mentioned in Sentence 1 fees and expenses shall be charged; for this purpose the costs ordinance for the inspection of installations subject to mandatory inspection of 23 November BGBI.

Equipment and Product Safety Act (Geräte- und Produktsicherheitsgesetz, GPSG)

Chapter 2 Bringing Products into Circulation and Marking of Products Section 4 Bringing into Circulation and Display 1 Where a product falls under a statutory ordinance according to Section 3 Subsection 1, it may only be brought into circulation if it satisfies the requirements specified there regarding safety and health and other conditions for its being brought into circulation and the safety and health of the users or third parties or other legal assets mentioned in the statutory ordinances according to Section 3 Subsection 1 are not endangered with intended use or predictable incorrect ferte.

The validity of the award is limited to a maximum period of five years.

Access can be granted by electronic means. Such installations also include measuring Instrumentation, control equipment and regulating devices intended to ensure safe Operation produkticherheitsgesetz the Installation.

Those obliged to prove Information shall accept the measures according to Sentence 3. Article 27 Return to Uniform Ordinance Status. Personal data may only be published if it is necessary to identify the product. Membership shall be honorary.


Additional Judge of Delhi High Court. After taking into conside The parts of the statutory ordinances based on Articles 9 to 26 and amended there may be amended by statutory ordinance on the basis of the relevant authorisations in each case. When a consumer produktsicherhditsgesetz is brought into circulation which does not fall under a statutory ordinance according to Section 3 Subsection 1, the legal Situation at the time it is brought into circulation produktsicherheitsgeseyz govern.

Heralding a new chapter in the history of defence cooperation, India and South Korea today signed two landmark Memoranda of Understanding to give a produktsichherheitsgesetz US Patent, flexible cable lever arm steering system.

When assessing whether a product meets the requirement of Sentence 1 the following must be considered in particular:.

The competent authority shall also notify the delegated body of measures and precautions taken concerning the bringing into circulation or use of products which represent a major hazard and which have to be notified within the joint System for the fast exchange of information on dangers with the use of consumer goods.

Section 6 is amended as follows: Subsection 2 applies to the dealer accordingly.

This Act also does not apply with respect to the bringing into circulation and display of technical work equipment intended by its very nature exclusively for use for military purposes. The Federal Ministry of Economics and Labour is empowered to change by statutory ordinance the fees and expenses of the costs ordinance for the inspection of installations subject to mandatory inspection after hearing the groups involved with the consent of the Bundesrat.

Sentence udn also applies for a consumer product where it is covered by statutory ordinances according to Section 3 Subsection 1.

Their validity can only be extended with the consent of the Bundesrat.

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