After many years of R&D, Goodyear has developed the Aquatred, an innovative new tire. However, the tire industry has matured and evolved, raising questions. Goodyear Aquarted tyre launch case anaalysis by rishi Contemplating the launch for the Aquatred, an innovative tire providing improved driving traction under wet driving conditions, Goodyear needs.

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The Journal of Business Forecasting Methods and. Additional promotional activities are illustrated in Exhibit 8. Identify Constraints and Opportunities The constraints and opportunities that Goodyear is facing can be found under Exhibit 1. By utilizing these growing channels, Goodyear cae be able to establish a solid foundation as the tire distribution evolves to accommodate lower priced tires.

Goodyear Aquatred Case Analysis | Case Study Template

With the indentation to assist ease this condition, Goodyear’s family of Aquatred-branded tires features deep, wide grooves and aggressive tread patterns designed to keep the tires in contact with the road even in deep water at high speeds, promising increased goodhear on wet roads. Goodyear and the Aquatred currently have two alternatives when deciding on a particular channel structure: Finance Globalization Health Care.

CFI-M could expand aggressively by mass marketing to the general population. Even though Warehouse Clubs are a relatively new retail format, they are quickly growing thanks to their variety of product offerings and low prices.

Quelch and Katherine B. Cite View Details Purchase Related. Introducing new distribution channels may increase dealer conflict, cannibalize sales, erode the Goodyear brand name, and cause dealers to take on additional lines of tires.


Technology and Operations Management. However, Goodyear needs to focus on selling the majority of their tires though SIDs. These particular locations have the greatest amount of rainfall per year and promoting a tire with wet traction technology will be extremely relevant to these consumers.

Goodyear: The Aquatred Launch by Dipendu Chanda on Prezi

Goodyear will be able to generate this hype by utilizing print and television ads. Even though Aquatred would not directly fit into this particular channel structure, Goodyear should design a low cost tire to appeal specifically to this channel. Cite View Details Educators Purchase. Posted by Rudiana Carcani at 7: Exhibit 2 Target Market Analysis Aquatred.

Generate Alternatives Aquatred Target Market: Based on current market trends, the only growing channel that Goodyear has yet to utilize would be that of Warehouse Clubs. Define the Issue In order to revitalize the company, Goodyear needs to construct and implement an appropriate marketing strategy and distribution channel for the launch of their new innovative line of tires, the Aquatred.

Below is a summary of the proposed marketing plan: The case deals with channel conflicts and management issues arising in mature product categories. The Aquatred Launch Condensed. Contingency Plan The contingency plan can be found under Exhibit 9. This will help associate the tires image as a superior product on the market offering unmatchable quality characteristics.

It can also be used in a course on international marketing. Aqutrad became the best product in good year history not by accident. Second most important tire attribute to consumers according to Goodyear surveys.

Goodyear Aquatred Case Analysis

Would you like to get such a paper? The Goodyear tire and rubber company-history-overview. The case is recommended for upper-level undergraduate students or first-year MBA students studying marketing strategy. Goodyear needs aquatrfd analyze how the market is evolving and determine which channels they need to invest in now, in order to provide them with the best possible position to establish market share in the future.


Goodyear: The Aquatred Launch

With the industry turning toward long-life warranties and low cost private labels, Good aqutred needs to select a specific consumer and channel in order to maximize sales and build brand equity, while increasing dealer receptiveness and reducing channel conflict.

Newer Post Older Post Home. A Sensitivity Aquatrwd from the above data can be found under Exhibit 6. Finance General Management Marketing. In a time when tire purchases are becoming more price sensitive and moving towards a market demanding low cost private labels, Goodyear needs to determine an efficient strategy that markets a premium priced tire to this price dependent consumer base. Students should find the product and distribution easy to understand, but the international aquatfed context provides a unique opportunity to apply core marketing principles.

In addition, Goodyear is debating whether to expand their overall distribution structure with the intention of boosting sales and reducing brand replacement.

A more conservative approach would use targeted communications and promotions.

Even though this price may discourage some dealers at first, overall receptiveness will be high when they examine the potential revenues that Aquatred could generate goodyeae their outlet See Exhibit 5.

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