In ShivYog, all sadhaks must have a GOLDEN BOOK. The Golden book is the book where you write your own destiny. By doing sadhana with. This Pin was discovered by Geeta Shorey. Discover (and save) your own Pins on Pinterest. – Buy Shiv Yog Golden Sutras book online at best prices in india on Read Shiv Yog Golden Sutras book reviews & author details and.

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Anonymous December 22, at 6: My husband or wife loves me very very much.

Someone hits your car and you seek his car blows up in fire and he dies a thousand deaths in it. But there should not not a fraction of negativity. More than reading the Golden Book, your emotions and feelings may be stronger while thinking these negative thoughts.

Let me try to answer them whivyog my best. Namah shivaya dear Anonymous. He has developped psoriasis since 5 years now. I would request if you can mail me your contact number because there some things which cannot be disclosed publicly but there solutions are required to be pulled out asap.

Jacob February 2, at 8: Hi Jacob, I stay in Bangalore, it is difficult for me to visit ashram. I do not compare it with anything else but know it strongly that it does work pretty quick. I tried many times but could not join your group for shivyog healing.

I am damn sure each one of us has undergone this in Hotel Universe. No issues if you have not attended shivir, you can still invoke Babaji with all your heart and chant along with Babaji this is not a deeksha or goldrn mantra Many people use the Gayatri and Mruthunjay mantra with good effects.


The first thing that you are going to do before going to bed and immediately after waking is read though the Golden Book and feeling and experiencing all those things you have written. I have a question that i always want to ask but somehow could hsivyog.

Newer Post Older Post Home. I then attended the Chennai shivir-apr, where babaji told us to write in the golden book everyday all that we want to materialize and suppose something gets materialized just write thank u on top of tht page. This is to preserve the right interpretation and authenticity of the articles to the reader.

You read and feel it rightly, but then during the day you keep cursing your current job or keep feeling that “Employers just suck the blood of employees. Ashish January 4, at 6: It would be very beneficial for you to take initiation deeksha from him, which is given by Baba in his shivirs. I shiyvog all belief systems which is not good for my ultimate good.

Golden Book

Good will happen if you transform yourself fully. Jacob December 21, at 9: Make a Golden book. Ponder this, the Universal Restaurant is a very busy one and over the period of countless lives, we have lost our original vibrations by associating ourselves with one thing or the other thereby gaining its vibrations.

You mentioned above that Babaji connects us with Sanjeevani Shakti. You can definately listen to the audio on this blog.

But in next 2 years time i would like to attend shivir when i am monetarily self dependent coz i am a student. Thank you my car. You would find sufficient information here on the teachings and other stuff.

It is what you created! Jacob June 27, at 2: One thing I would like to ask can I mention the place where I am Living as I want to live there itself and fulfill my desires in terms of my financial,personal and professional goals…One more thing I would like to know as for example I have mentioned a certain amount of money which i desire it would take its own course of time can volden mention any time line if i require that money in a week or so….


This is why it may not be easy to maintain positivity due to our past sanskaras impressed deeply and strongly embedded in our subconscious that we have ignorantly been doing and carrying around for lifetimes together. What kind of visualisation can be done so that he comes to bless us in PUNE.

What one believes strongly happens.

Tum chahate kya ho?-The Art of Manifestation | All is One, One is All

Anonymous December 10, at 4: Thanks for your appreciation. Thank you for the feedback. Deeksha is a personal choice and if you feel you are entitled to receive another one you certainly can provided there is that inner calling.

I think rightly so and good it is so. In a week if you are consistent and dedicated you will start “settling” down. Anything that you want to have in the next few years. These are only guidelines here.

As a non sadhak what can be done so that that my desire of learning the sadhana is fulfilled. Read the post again and again. All that is necessary for His grace is your connection and trust with him. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Hi Jacob, Thank you for sharing such wonderful knowledge for all of us to grow in our spiritual path.

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