I write this knowing full well that had this script ever been optioned, it would have seen major overhauls with some time in Harold Ramis and. By Stax Stax here with my reaction to the screenplay for Ghostbusters 3: Hellbent! This page first draft dated March 10, is by actor. Ghostbusters 3 Hellbent fan script () Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy. Total Runtime 3h 25min (Rated PG for some strong.

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In a review of the script, IGN gave a rundown of the diverse new breed of paranormal investigators:. At one point it was even going to feature a new generation of ‘Busters that would lend a helping hand to the aging crew—possibly setting up a new slate of sequels with a younger cast. There is indeed a younger crop of Ghostbusters or, as the script abbreviates it, GBs introduced that perform much of the otherworldly legwork here. Despite his youth, Nat serves as a supervisor for the new GBs.

Most of us only know these limited amount of pages out of who knows how many script pages. Sadly, this highly anticipated sequel appears quite dead now.

The Video Game was released, and somehow Terminal Reality and Atari—the developer and publisher behind the game, respectively—did what no billion-dollar movie studio could: Submit a link post! This new crew includes: Franky, a body-pierced, tough New Jersey punker; Lovell, a dread-locked dude; Moira, a pretty but uptight gymnast and science grad; and Carla, a Latino beauty. Hulu To Stream Extreme Ghostbusters.


Obviously, this isn’t good for our world so the Ghostbusters must use their latest technology to literally go to hell and ask the devil why he’s doing this and to see what they can do to make him stop.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: At least that’s what Sony is hoping for as the new Ghostbusters hits theaters this weekend. There were even scripts other than Hellbent that almost got produced—including one with baby Oscar leading a new generation of Ghostbusters along with the ghost of Peter Venkman—but the stars never aligned properly to get the projects off the ground.


Harold Ramis liked parts of it. The Return, published in The Ghostbusters must once again save New York City from the evil forces of the afterlife. Movies Pop Culture video-games. The other idea discussed by fans over the years maybe prior to GB: Rather than it being the wrong time for GB3 perhaps now might actually be the perfect time for it. We ggostbusters close a few times.


So unfortunately, it looks like its just not going to happen based on the studio’s feelings, not from anyone else. Notify me of new comments via email. The Video Game from This page first draft dated March 10, is by actor Dan Aykroydbased on a story by Aykroyd and co-star Harold Ramis.

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Ghostbusters: Hellbent script? : Screenwriting

Yeah, I know what you mean. Subreddit Rules Hellbsnt be civil. I just never cared about these new Ghostbusters, though. I think most ghostheads have wanted this version of Ghostbusters III to become a comic.

IGN FilmForce Exclusive: The Stax Report: Script Review of Ghostbusters 3: Hellbent!

In my opinion, the scrippt of the other two give the impression that there is a good chance of profit for a third sequel. Naturally, the devil — portrayed here as a Donald Trump-like mogul named Siffler — has a secret agenda that leads to a grand conflict with our titular heroes.

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