Through Getty-Dubay Italic Calligraphy: for School and Home, students. The Getty-Dubay Italic Handwriting Series provides a clear, concise. Write Now is a self-instructional course in modern italic handwriting.

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Similar to calligraphy, italic is aesthetically appealing and easy to read since letter forms are uncluttered. The simple transition to cursive italic is introduced. These gethy letterforms are as easy to write as they are to read. Each of the eight books in the series has been designed to utilize the child’s natural curiosity and thirst for learning. Please sign up for our newsletter to hear about upcoming changes! Cursive duaby practice shows the historical development of each letter.

Introducing italic style to children with handwriting difficulties has proven very successful in some cases. Italic Handwriting Book D: Both these books are consumable, though students could just as easily complete all work on separate sheets of paper.

It is available from www. The student texts are self-explanatory. The transition book from basic to cursive italic. High to Low Created on. Although written for adult learners, children from about ages ten and up might be able to learn from it even if they need some adult assistance.


Getty-Dubay™ Italic Handwriting – Exodus Books

Barbara Getty and Inga Dubay’s Getty-Dubay Italic Handwriting Series has been in continuous use since in public, private, and home schools throughout the country.

The fluidity of italic handwriting, they say, is easier for younger kids to master and offers more intuitive transition to cursive. Designed for use with Books A—G, this invaluable guide contains detailed instructions for teaching djbay families, capitals, dubya joins, assessment strategies, techniques for increasing speed and developing style, plus the history of writing.

Low to High Price: Click on prices to verify their accuracy.

Getty-Dubay Italic Handwriting available at

Publishers, authors, and service providers never pay to be reviewed. While this probably isn’t a big deal, it is something to consider. Z to A Price: For those who prefer more efficient instruction within a single book rather than child-oriented worktexts, the authors have produced Write Now.

Read more of his reviews here.

Getty Dubay Italic Handwriting Series

Italic Letters which teaches calligraphy and italic handwriting, and Write Now which acts as a complete italic handwriting program and works great as a remedial text for older students. Spelling Power Starter Pack. Learn more about our store locations and hours. Italic letterforms are uncluttered no loops! Fuel Your Adult Soul.


The letters are formed easily and quickly. Letter height 14 mm. He might be a mythical creature, but he’s definitely not a centaur. A single instruction manual covers all seven student texts, and provides plenty of information for demonstrating the basics how to hold a pencil, etc.


Following the instruction is a brief, illustrated vubay of the alphabet.

They do provide free review copies or online access to programs for review purposes. Display 6 9 12 18 per page.

Cursive capitals are introduced with historical development of each letter. Getty-Dubay Italic letter forms for printing and cursive are basically identical, with entrance and exit strokes added to the printed forms for joining letters in cursive.

Disclosure of Material Connection: While practicing cursive italic, students explore the many facets of the world of science — the animal kingdom, DNA, photosynthesis, minerals, continents, biomes, our solar system and galaxy. Each half sheet references the page number in the corresponding book.

Deluxe Dubag Power Pack. The Getty-Dubay Italic style of handwriting can be taught with this series of inexpensive worktexts for kindergarten through sixth grade.

Barbara Getty and Inga Dubay developed their own italic handwriting method to provide students a more natural style than the more tradition ball-and-stick most kids learn.

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