by Abraham von Worms, Compiled and edited by Georg Dehn, Translated by Steven This is a new and expanded second edition of The Book of Abramelin, . The Book of Abramelin tells the story of an Egyptian mage named Abraham or Abra-Melin, who . posek (authority on Jewish law). (ref Georg Dehn, The Book of Abramelin: A New Translation, transl. by Steven Guth, Ibis Publishing, ). I did this interview around with Georg Dehn, who compiled a more accurate translation of The Sacred Magick of Abramelin the Mage. He talks about the.

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I aided the flight of the Duke, 6 and of his Pope John, 7 from the Council of Constance, who would otherwise have fallen into the hands of the enraged Emperor; and the latter having asked me to predict unto him which one of the two Popes, John XXIII and Martin V, should gain in the end, my prophecy was verified; that fortune befalling which I had predicted unto him at Ratisbon.

Many years ago I heard of the existence of this manuscript from a celebrated occultist, since dead; and more recently my attention was again called to it by my personal friend, the well-known French author, lecturer, and poet, Jules Bois, whose attention has been for some time turned to occult subjects. In magic, that is to say, the science of the control of the secret forces of Nature, there have always been two great schools, the one great in good, the other in evil; the former the magic of light, the latter that of darkness; the former usually depending on the knowledge and invocation of the angelic natures, the latter on the method of evocation of the demonic races.

Though the chapters of the second and third books have special headings in the actual text, those of the first book have none; wherefore in the “Table of Contents” I have supplemented this defect by a careful analysis of their subject matter. In this context Dehn and Guths translation is a gift to historiansresearchers and occultists the world over.

Unto this day do they sing in the streets of the terrible end which befel him, may the Lord God of his mercy preserve us from such a misfortune.

Apparently based on MSW. May the Only and Abramwlin Holy God grant unto all, the grace necessary to be able to comprehend and penetrate the high mysteries of the Qabalah and of the Law; but they should content themselves with that which the Lord accordeth unto them; seeing that if against his divine will they wish to fly yet higher, even as did Lucifer, this will but procure for them a most shameful and fatal fall.

In all cases where there is anything difficult or obscure in the text, I have added copious explanatory notes; so many indeed as to form a species of commentary in parts. This period in which Abraham the Jew lived was one in which magic was almost universally believed in, and in which its professors were held in honour; Faust who was probably also a contemporary of our authorCornelius AgrippaSir Michael Scott, and many others I could name, are examples of this, not to mention the celebrated Dr.

Therefore to deny any religion instead of only abjuring the mistaken or erroneous parts thereof would be equivalent to denying formally and ceremonially the truths on which it was originally founded; so that whenever a person having once done this should begin to practise the operations of the Sacred Magic, he would find himself compelled to affirm with his whole will-force those very formulas which he had at one time magically and ceremonially though ignorantly denied; and whenever he attempted to do this, the occult Law of Reaction would raise as a ceremonial obstacle against the effect which he should wish to produce, the memory of that ceremonial denial which his previous renunciation had firmly sealed in his atmosphere.


Employment of a child-clairvoyant by Cagliostro. In the second book I will describe the whole faithfully and clearly, in order that if the Lord God should wish to dispose of me before that thou shalt have attained a competent age, thou shalt find these three small manuscript books as forming at the same time both an inestimable treasure and a faithful master and teacher; because there are very many secrets in the symbols of the third book which I have seen made experiment of with mine own eyes by Abramelim, 5 and to be perfectly true, and which afterwards I myself have performed.

Also, there are 8 dukes in Abramelin. From him he received that system of magical instruction and practice which forms the body of the second and third books of this work. And this was all the profit he drew from his diabolical science and magic.

Like his great namesake, the forefather of the Hebrew race, he had not in vain left his home, his “Ur of the Chaldees,” that he might at length discover that light of initiated wisdom, for which his soul had cried aloud within him for so many years.

The work may then be thus roughly classified: He endeavoured to end the differences between the Roman and Greek Churches, visited France and England under pretext of reconciling Charles VI and Henry V, but, as some say, in order to form a league with the latter against France, so as to recover the ancient Kingdom of Arles.

Zbramelin New Translationtransl.

Probably the same abgamelin Gio Peccatrix the Magician, the author of many manuscripts on Magic. He required from me abramwlin very solemn and precise promise to change my manner of life, and to live not according to our false dogmas, but in the drhn and law of the Lord. I answered unto him that it was the only end and unique motive which had induced me to undertake a so long and troublesome voyage, with the view of receiving this special grace from the Lord.

He further admits that his first inclination to Qabalistical and magical studies was owing to certain instructions in the secrets of the Qabalah, which he received when young from his father, Simon; so that after the death of the latter his most earnest desire was to travel in search of an initiated master.

Others again leave the centre part of the square blank. Members Username Password Remember Me.

After my death a book will be found, which I commenced to write at the time when I was beginning to put in practice this goerg, which, reckoning the dehnn of the years, was inuntil today on which I am arrived at the 96th 1 year of mine age, with all honour and augmentation of fortune; and in this book can be read in detail even to the very least thing which I have done.

Also that the farther a magical operation is removed from the commonplace, the better. At the risk of repeating what I have elsewhere said, I must caution the occult student against forming a mistaken judgment from what Abraham the Jew says regarding the use of magic circles and of licensing the spirits to depart.


I am puzzled by this since I do not see it as any improvement over the old Mathers edition.

Introduction by S. L. Mac Gregor Mathers.

There are also several further tools – such as a holy Lamp, a Wand made of an almond branch, a recipe for incense known today as “Abramelin Incense” also taken from Exodus 30various Robes, a square or seven-sided plate of silver or bees wax, etc. I gave unto mine Emperor Sigismond, 2 a very clement prince, a familiar spirit of the Second Hierarchy, even as he commanded me, and he availed himself of its services with prudence.

But let the worker of ordinary evocations be assured that were this not so, and the convocation was performed in an unconsecrated place, without any magical circle having been traced for defence, the invocation to visible appearance of such fearful potencies as Amaymon, Egyn, and Beelzebub, would probably result in the death of the exorcist on the spot; such death presenting the symptoms of one arising from epilepsy, apoplexy, or strangulation, varying with the conditions obtaining at the time.

Such works as these, then, and their like, it could not be the intention of Abraham to decry, seeing that like his system they are founded on the secret knowledge of the Qabalah; as this in its turn was derived from that mighty scheme of ancient wisdom, the initiated magic of Egypt. It is amazing to me that Mathers did not recognize this fact. And I write not this description in any way to vaunt myself, nor out of vainglory, the which would be a great sin against God, because it is he who hath done the whole, and not I; but only do I write this that it may serve for instruction unto others, so that they may know wherein they ought to avail themselves of this art, as also that they may use it to the honour of him who hath given this wisdom unto men, and glorify him; and in order that each one may know how great and inexhaustible are the treasures of the Lord, and render unto him particular thanks for so precious a gift.

They were brothers, and reigned conjointly. May 16, at 8: The magic described in the grimoire was influential in the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawnof which Mathers was the head. Neither have I ever heard by traditional report of the existence of any other copy. With regard to this particular, I found out the reason through the wise Abramelin, who told me that this came and depended from a divine ministry, that is to say, from the Qabalah, and that without that, one could not succeed.

The child now became clairvoyant, and said at first that he saw something white; then that he saw visions, an angel, etc.

The Book of Abramelin – Wikipedia

He was succeeded by his son, Frederick II, called “the Good” born inwho began to reign inand died in see Dict. I say all this because it is very easy to him who is not constantly upon his guard to err. His abramelinn wife, Barbe, has been called by some, the Messalina of Germany. There is an art called White and Black; 2 another angelical, Teatim ; in which I avow that Abramekin have seen orations so learned and beautiful, that had I not known the venom therein hidden, I would have given them herein.

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