Gliwice, Katedra Geomechaniki i Budownictwa Podziemnego i Zarządzania Ochroną Powierzchni Wydziaáu Górnictwa i Geologii Politechniki ĝląskiej w. [17] KORZENIOWSKI W., Ocena stanu podziemnych wyrobisk chodnikowych i Geomechanika w budownictwie podziemnym: projektowanie i budowa tuneli. Metody ograniczenia wpływu eksploatacji podziemnej na obiekty budowlane poprzez Geomechanika w budownictwie podziemnym: projektowanie i budowa.

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The relationships between the geometric parameters and specific strains or displacements of the bolt rod were described, and the percentage contribution of those values in total displacements, resulting from the deformation of rock bolt support components washer, thread and the expansion shell head geomechanioa, were estimated.

Pintabona and Smithson M.

In “Rock at Great Depth”, edited by V. A case study in southern Italy, Bulletin of Earthquake Engineering,9 4 Empirical Rock Failure Podzienym. Strength of rock under triaxial compression conditions.

The basic type of rock mass reinforcement method for both preparatory and operational vudownictwie in underground metal ore mines, both in Poland and in different countries across the world, is the expansion shell or adhesive-bonded rock bolt. Waldemar Korzeniowski walkor agh. Effect of the triaxial stress system on fracture and flow of rocks. Metoda badania w temperaturze otoczenia, Results of recent experimental studies on the strength of rocks under axisymmetric and asymmetric true triaxial state of compressive stresses are presented in the paper.

Zasady doboru i projektowania obudowy wyrobisk korytarzowych i ich połączeń – Google Books

Rossmanith, Balkema, Rotterdam The study presents the results obtained under laboratory conditions in the test rig allowing testing of the rock bolts at their natural size, as used in underground metal ore mines. A new true triaxial celi for testing mechanical properties of rock, and its use to determine rock strength and deformability of Westerly granite.


Fracture and flow of rocks under high triaxial compression. Akademicka 2 Gliwice tel.: The disk spring and disk washer material differs in stiffness. Fracture of anisotropic rocks under general triaxial compression. The stiffness of the yielded and stiff bolts was empirically determined, including stiffness parameters of every individual part deformable component, steel rod.

Doctoral Thesis, Hokkaido University, Sapporo Issue 1 First Online: In “Tectonophysics of Mining Areas”, edited by A. Fracture and flow of rocks. The article discusses results of static loading test of the expansion shell rock bolts equipped with originally developed deformable component.

Behavior of a sandstone under axi- and asymmetric compressive stress conditions.

Effect of the intermediate principal stress on strength and deformational behavior of sedimentary rocks at the depth shallower than m.

The rock bolt was loaded statically until its ultimate loading capacity was exceeded. Rockbolting and Rock Mechanics in Mining, Aachen, This component consists of two profiled rock bolt washers, two disk springs, and three guide bars.

Cała, Marek [WorldCat Identities]

User Account Sign in to save searches and organize your favorite content. Faulting in an anisotropic, schistose rock under general triaxial compression.

Springer-Yerlag, Berlin and Heidelberg Effect of the intermediate principal stress on the failure of a foliated anisotropic rock. Effect of the triaxial stress system on the failure of dolomite and limestone. Empirical data were approximated using the Huber-Mises-Hencky failure criterion generalised by Mogi for brittle rocks.


Cała, Marek

Abstract PDF References Article Recommendations Abstract The basic type of rock mass reinforcement method for both preparatory geomrchanika operational workings in underground metal ore mines, both in Poland and in different countries across the world, is the expansion shell or adhesive-bonded rock bolt.

Faulting of a foliated rock in a general triaxial field of compressive stresses.

The rock bolts tested were installed in blocks simulating a rock mass with rock compressive strength of 80 MPa. Ahead Of Print Volume: Dilatancy of rocks under general triaxial stress states busownictwie special reference to earthquake precursors. The construction materials ensure that at first the springs under loading are partially compressed, and then the rock bolt washer is plastically deformed. Rock Mechanics Symposium and 5th U.

Using samples of a certain sandstone, the effect of not only confining pressure but also, independently, minimum and interrnediate principal stress was determined. Yeomechanika in to annotate. There were two phases of displacement observed during the static tension of the rock bolt which differed in their intensity.

De Gruyter – Sciendo.

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