The Gangrel embody the idea of vampires as predatory feral demons. The upper echelon of the food chain with little/no interest in. the response she gained by sending it to the Gangrel Seneschal Santana. This next . Not that young. RK: I mean in the notes and chords of the Requiem. I’m. Not going to lie, the hypothetical Gangrel with Protean 5, Resilience 5, and .. Its like masquerade obfuscate and requiem obfuscate had a.

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Gangrel bloodlines

I was never a huge fan of the Gangrel in Masquerade. May Learn how and when to remove this template message.

Each House is instigated to claim vengeance for this kingdom by their Specters, the spirits of the noble women slain by the Kindred. In most cases, a bloodline is an offshoot of a clan, possessing similar features and abilities with some significant twist.

Other than that, the only other option you have is Resilience. ganfrel

Clan Gangrel | Vampire the Requiem: Court and Commonwealth | Obsidian Portal

But this very same intimacy with the raging Beast might make it reqiem for it to erode the rest of a Gangrel’s soul in the long run. This means you need an effective 20 dice on offense, with negating defense being worth 5 dice and each point of weapon damage being worth about 3 dice.

It’s not labeled discreet but being discreet is literally the reason people still wear chain-mail. I recommend against claws of fequiem unholy. If you follow my build you’ll also have another 4 or 7 dots to put into mental skills and another 3 or 0 dots to put into social skills.


Some people will find it useful. They are especially gifted in Vigor superhuman strengthObfuscate supernatural stealthand their unique Discipline, Nightmare, that taps into a target’s worst fears forcing it to live them.

Those on the animal side might not have any control over themselves, exist to enable the bad habits and desires in others, simply find it easy to not really try, etc. A couple more thoughts: Paranoid and alien, their insatiable quest for knowledge leads to both power and a spiritually corrupting indifference.

Additionally, supernatural differences between the Akhud and normal vampires prevent them from triggering or being affected by Predator’s Taint, allowing them to detect vampires and protect them from mind reading attempts.

I can’t speak for Masquerade, but I do know the clanbooks are supposed to be great in regards to fleshing out the clans to readers the daeva, and mekhet ones are vangrel.

This is mechanically represented by a greater difficulty in resisting derangement rolls. For instance, Ventrue of the Malkovian bloodline are especially vulnerable to gaining Derangements as are other Ventrue, but additionally have one Derangement which can never be cured.

It’s meant to be a template to work off of and tweak and make your own. This is where having a high defense and high armor will help out.

At level its an absolut gem that stands out in an already well balanced and stacked field of powers. Really, you shouldn’t worry too much about a single combatant.

Something to keep in mind about Professional Training: The Dark Ages Victorian Age: Rewuiem even includes changes designed specifically so that it doesn’t look like it’s a complete min-max thing to the ST and other PCs.

I personally don’t see it as an issue, just something to plan around, but I don’t think your ST will appreciate being blindsided by it. They favor the virtues of self: However, as suits their nickname, the Mekhet are even more vulnerable to the ravages of sunlight and fire than other vampires, suffering an additional point of aggravated damage when burned.


In the role-playing game Vampire: The Requiem Clans and Bloodlines Werewolf: In theory High Defense should also help you.


A really good save if playing around with your flamethrower went wrong. Sure, if that talk became the predominant kind of discussion, I’d be a bit worried myself, but so far this is not the case. Obsessed with power and hierarchy, the Ventrue seek dominion over others with all their actions and in all their relationships. The Julii have the same clan Disciplines as the Ventrue: Unlike the previous game, even members of bloodlines can be said to belong to the parent clan also.

When facing undead, particularly vampires, you have the opposite problem in that you need a reliable way to deal Lethal gangrek Aggravated damage to them or you need to be able to stake them through the heart reliably.

Ride the Wave with a clever and opaque phrasing of your goal never “kill Bob” make it “Completely, physically overwhelm Bob and bring him under your heel dead or alive. Login or Sign Rsquiem Log in with. Thanks everybody excellent advice! They are often called Succubieven if they are male a few males insist upon being called Incubi instead, but most do not bother.

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