THE DECAPITATED CHICKEN (La gallina degollada) Source for information on The Decapitated Chicken (La Gallina Degollada) by Horacio Quiroga, Translated Works of Horacio Quiroga La gallina degollada / The Decapitated Chicken. Illustration. The Decapitated Chicken. All day long the. Un cuento de terror escrito por Horacio Quiroga. Fue publicado en en Argentina. | See more ideas about Hens, Sisters and Biography.

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Horacio Silvestre Quiroga Forteza 31 December — 19 February was a Uruguayan playwright, poet, and short story writer. The child stayed profoundly a bubbling idiot, limp, dead to the world on the knees of his mother.

It began with the change of pronouns: Quirgoa her fourth birthday little Bertita falls ill, having eaten a surfeit of sweets; in contrast with her brothers she is spoiled and overindulged. Though clearly influenced by modernism, he gradually begins to turn the decadent Uruguayan fallina to describing the natural surroundings with meticulous precision. This makes sense since Quiroga was the first person to be concerned about the technical aspects of the short story, tirelessly honing his style for which he always returns to the same subjects to reach near-perfection in horaccio last works.

With his heart destroyed with remorse, Mazzini doubled his love for his son, quirpga little idiot child was now paying for the excesses of his grandfather. On her fourth birthday little Bertita falls ill, having eaten a surfeit of sweets; in contrast with her brothers she is spoiled and overindulged.

The parents have a violent argument in which the accusations are no longer veiled.

He was 28 and she was 22, yet all their passionate tenderness had not succeeded in creating a single atom of an ordinary existence. The narrator focuses on a particular moment in time, the day before the tragedy occurs. The bench was parallel to the wall, about five feet away, and there they sat motionless with their eyes fixed on the bricks.


Because, naturally, with an intensified rapture of love for her husband and daughter, the more irritated her humor became towards the monsters. History of a Troubled Love and Past Love deal with the same theme that haunted the author in his personal life: Yet they were almost always stuck in a somber lethargy of idiocy, they spent the whole day seated on the bench with their legs hanging down motionless, their pants soaked in saliva. It had been their blood, their love that was cursed!

There is also a kind of reverse symbolism. And so a son was born, his health and gleaming smile resurrected their extinguished future. She then went back and picked up a kerosene bucket and placed it vertically on the chair, and with this she triumphed.

And in this burning longing, and its lack of fulfillment, the pair grew bitter.

La gallina degollada

Husband and wife eventually become reconciled, though, and have another child, this time a daughter. In the first novel Quiroga divided the action into three parts. The four idiots looked debollada her indifferently.

In the first, a nine-year-old girl falls in love with an older man. In the afternoon Bertita escapes from her parents and wanders into the yard. Especially in his stories, Quiroga describes the tragedy that haunts the miserable rural workers in the region, the dangers and sufferings to which they horaccio exposed, and how this existential pain is perpetuated to succeeding generations. Educate yourself on all that his idiocy will allow him, but no further.

La gallina degollada – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

Yet behind their immense bitterness Mazzini and Berta maintained a great compassion for their four sons. The story contains the three elements of the title of the collection: One horror has receded, but now another threatens their happiness.

Bertita turned four years old and that night, as a result of the sweets that her parents were incapable of denying her, their young child came down with a chill and a fever. Religious themes run through both stories. There is then a shift to the present time of the narrative, with a relentless progression towards the ghastly climax. They learned, in time, certain imitative faculties; but could grasp nothing more.


Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: A splendid day dawned and as Berta got up she spat out blood.

La gallina degollada / The Decapitated Chicken – Translated Works of Horacio Quiroga

In respect to the mother, there is a lung that cannot breathe degoplada. Their four sons all sicken and are reduced to a state of idiocy because of congenital disease.

Is that what you want to hear?

After a few days the paralyzed limbs of the child recovered their movement; but the boracio, the soul, even instinct itself had left him entirely. During the morning the four sons see the maid killing a chicken and are fascinated by the sight of blood draining from the bird’s neck.

His Ten Rules for the Perfect Storytellerdedicated to young writers, provides certain contradictions with his own work. Disaster is inevitable; all that remains to be revealed is the unfolding of the tragedy. Nature is blind but fair, and the attacks on the farmer or fisherman a swarm of angry bees, an alligator, a bloodsucking parasite, quiorga.

The story is not just about madness and violent death; it chronicles the breakdown of a relationship through the loss of respect, affection, and hope. Even through all of this, peace quiriga not yet reached their hearts. It had been their love above everything else. Berta openly blames Mazzini’s father for the children’s idiocy, and he blames her consumption.

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