pathways for the learners. The Gachathi Commission of resulted in a report that addressed the issue of national development and educational objectives. Although this report made several recommendations, it was never fully The Gachathi Report greatly motivated curriculum reform particularly in terms of coping. That report notes that half the Kenyan population is poor, with about 10 .. The Gachathi Report stressed that no improvement of education.

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Ominde who was holistically responsible for restructuring Kenyan education system.

Gachathi Commission Report and Recommendations – Gachathi Report

Parents were to buy books, uniforms and pay activity and examinations fees. Report of the National Committee on Educational Objectives. Such a plan also necessitated professionalism. It recommended that education should promote social justice and morality?

They both commission reports emphasized the integration of technical and vocational education in the entire Kenyan educational system right from primary to tertiary levels Simiyu, University of Nairobi online application guide.

Education commissions in Kenya ▷

Report of presidential working party Mackey Report. The commission equally advised the government to develop its educational planning in close consideration of unaided schools. The focus sought to make economic and national gachaghi attractive to citizens with elementary school.

The president sensitized the parents on their role in education of their children. Development of a global partnership for development.

The Mackay Report influenced the extension of primary education from seven to eight years and thus influenced the restructuring of the education system from to and hence the introduction of technical and vocational i. Some of the education commissions in Kenya since independence are as follows. One of the most recounted recommendations proposed by Ndegwa Commission is District Education Boards re-establishment to promote primary education.


Effort was made to make education accessible to all including the girl child. Since the establishment of University of Nairobi inthe first public University in Kenya, seven more general public Universities and an estimated number of 17 private Universities have been introduced, most of them run by religious organizations. Enrolment of overage learners 7. Similarly, the commission recommended in favor of teacher education particular in sciences.

History of Education Short Notes

Think it is important? Guidance and counselling in education and training institutions to be offered by professionally trained mature members. E produced many text books. It recommended that gavhathi should foster national unity and promote positive attitudes and consciousness towards other countries.

Reduction of secondary level subjects cited as one of the relevant resolutions of improving quality of education. Government courts teachers’ union to prevent looming nationwide strike in January. The government had established the Ministry of Basic Education in in readiness for implementing 9 years basic education.

The following are some of the Keech Report recommendations: Although this report made several recommendations, it was never fully adopted by the government. Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to footer. Establishment of reporh second university in Kenya and lengthening of university education from years. Emphasized continuous assessment as a mode of evaluation. The move came purposely to implement an array of proposed changes with ease.


The commission also held that religious and cultural convictions gachhathi independent gachathl needed to run undeterred by the education system.

It recommended that Form 1 and 2 students to follow a common curriculum but personal guided choice of subjects to be introduced in Form 3 and 4.

The Ndegwa Commission made many recommendations about a wide range of public institutions and bodies. Some of the key players in this revolutionary contribution are Ominde ReportGachathi GachathkMackay ReportKamunge Reportand Koech Report among others as discussed above.

Colin Mackay, a Canadian scholar to spearhead the establishment of the second university. Factors, which influence the teaching of technical and vocational. As many secondary school leavers flooded the market looking for employment, the rdport system stood on the verge of public criticism. Education Act rendered the government responsible for most educational matters. Another tremendous change that proceeded under this reform in gschathi renaming of schools.

To suggest methods and means by which the objectives and policies could be achieved and implemented. These intervention measures include: Parent Teachers Association and school committees were formed to supervise the management and administration of schools.

The latter report was timely in addressing the shortcomings of Kenyan education system. It recommended that schools should offer guidance and counseling services, environmental education and gachsthi technical education. However many were incorporated in the Mackay Report

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