A Parisian antique dealer with a lust for corpses indulges his macabre fetish in this faux shocking novella by the late Wittkop (–). THE NECROPHILIAC BY GABRIELLE WITTKOP. Last Christmas I decided I was going to buy my mother some books. She has always been a. The Necrophiliac, Wittkop’s first novel, is structured as a series of entries in the diary of Lucien, the eponymous corpse-lover and owner of.

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I ths their bodies, which so often in life had to call to each other in secret, to be united finally in death. There’s a lightness to his tone, too, which works well given the darkness of the subject matter; one can almost hear his sigh as he admits: He mentions it often. The Necrophiliac was translated in a Canadian edition by Don Pabst in But Wittkop proves the most daring with her homage to necrophilia, The Necrophiliacwritten in a elegant, morose, wickedly humorous and taut style.

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The Necrophiliac by Gabrielle Wittkop

Jul 30, Sam Quixote rated it really liked it. The story centers around a necrophiliac and his lovers that he brings from the cemeteries. The author has a poetic way of making these despicable acts seem less horrid with the way she writes.

One after the other he has to get rid of them, however carefully he tries to preserve them. As he kisses the corpse of his gabriellee he forever links the two things together — sexuality and death; a bit too convenient, no?


books, yo.

But sex acts that should be shocking or revolting are rendered in such beautiful prose, and narrated by such necrophjliac intriguing character, that you’ll be rapt from beginning to end. Hoffmann was published in German in If Henri Michaux encrophiliac taboo thoughts out of ordinary situations by inventing imaginary tortures for those who annoyed him in real life, Wittkop takes a taboo and writes about it as if it were an ordinary situation out of real life.

And yet, Lucien is strangely charming, offering even the occasional gestures of dark humor. Balk at this, the author seems to be saying, and perhaps the rest of this book is not for you. With one or two reservations.

The Necrophiliac – Gabrielle Wittkop

Dec 06, Allison rated it really liked it. As with Nabokov, the comedy comes from the difference between how our narrator writes and what he gets up to. Wittkop tells Lucien’s story in gorgeous language, lush with wicked humor, and gabrkelle most effectively – with brutal estrangements from those things we all ostensibly treasure: No, this is experimental literature operating at a far greater depth.

But, at necropyiliac same time, it’s beautiful, describing necrophilliac sublime element in something horrible. Do I want other people to know that this is what I am reading? But the thrills here are anything but cheap, and the pleasure the reader derives is more cerebral than carnal. And ultimately this is a sad book because, by necessity, his encounters with the dead have to be short-lived: Thanks for telling us about the problem.


The Necrophiliac by Gabrielle Wittkop – review

It is a the kind of confessional that forces one o examine the seedier psychological elements of ourselves and society at large. He experiences a complete breakdown during his last affair and it feels very much like Lucien planned it that way, tiring of a life wherein those he loves will always be taken from him within days or weeks of discovering them. Because even amor intellectualis — that great white rose —waits to be paid in return.

Uncomfortable reads can, and often do, have great merit.

I will spare you the details except to say that Gabrielle Wittkop had obviously neecrophiliac some thought to the kinds of things that can happen when having sex with the dead. There are numerous disturbing, and quite graphic, descriptions of sex with dead people, more than one of whom are children [including a baby]. For life and death are forever united, inseparable gabeielle water mixed with wine. She was born in Nantes. I had wanted to keep Suzanne forever.

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