For more information about the topics covered in this manual, visit the The NETGEAR ProSAFE VPN Firewall FVSG v2, hereafter referred to as the VPN. Netgear FVSG download manual. This page contains the user manual in PDF form for the Netgear FVSG router. Other Netgear FVSG Guides. FVSG – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total:

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The WiKID solution integrates seamlessly Select Users from the main menu To enable routers to exchange information over a static IPv6 route, you must manually configure the static route information on each router.

The following figure shows an example: Disconnect the cable at the computer end only, point A in the diagram. You specify the Set a days of the week and time of day for each schedule.

Revision History See the regulatory compliance document before connecting the power supply. The possible values are 0—, with as the default setting.

The default is Same. The default administrator and default guest passwords for the web management interface are both password.

The default setting is 0 zero. Select Security from the main menu Submit the CA form.

Page Guest user. Also, make sure that the modem is powered on. Specify the following VPN tunnel parameters: Manjal no problems ensue, the digital certificate is issued by the CA. The List of Domains table displays the following fields: In the upper left of the Policy Editor window, click Your settings are saved.



You might need to disable auto dialing in your browser. Specify the VPN policy settings. With its URL keyword filtering feature, the In the address field of any of the qualified web browsers, enter https: In the upper right of the screen, the IPv4 radio button is already selected by default.

Don’t have an account? You can also use a traffic analyzer to do your own problem diagnoses.

Netgear FVS318G Installation Manual

The green LED on the upper left. For more information, see page If you did not enable the traffic meter, these statistics are not available. In the Scheduled Days section, select one of the following radio buttons: From the computer, open a browser such as Internet Explorer. Page of Go. The List of Users table displays the users and displays the following fields: The DMZ can be used to host servers such as a web server, FTP server, or email server fbs318g provide public access to them.

Page 69 Page 70 Page 71 – Manage ipv4 groups and hosts ipv4 lan g Don’t show me this message again. Select the IPv6 radio button. Any inbound rule that you create allows additional incoming traffic and therefore increases the traffic load on the WAN side. The previous figure shows that nanual device is not manuzl to the Internet. Display The Routing Tables The results of the lookup action are displayed in a new screen.


Blinking green Data is being transmitted or mnual by the LAN port. In addition to selections from the Service, Action, and Log lists, you must make selections from the following lists: Select the check box to the left of each rule that you want to enable, disable, or delete, or click the Select All table button to select all rules.

Netgear FVSG User Manual – Page 1 of |

Don’t have an account? In the ISP Type section, select the type of In the Upload Trusted Certificates section of the screen, navigate to the trusted digital certificate file that you downloaded on your computer and click the Browse button. The Test LED lights when the router is first turned on and then goes. You can further segment keyword blocking to certain known groups. Select Security from the main To edit the names of any of the eight available groups: Table 37 on page When the VPN firewall detects an You can either reduce unnecessary traffic or reschedule some traffic to low-peak times to prevent bottlenecks from occurring in the first place.

Start Enter the starting address for a single address or a range of IP addresses. The prefix is for a 6to4 address.

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