General information. also found as, 藤沢秀行. Fujisawa Hideyuki Fujisawa Shu- ko- Fujisawa Shuko Shuko, Progression. chinese, Teng2-ze2 Xiu4-xing2 (tengze, . The following kifu and most of the comments included are from the Fujisawa Complete Works, volume 3. For advice on how to study professional games, read . Check go games played by professional player Fujisawa Shuko on Waltheri’s go pattern search database.

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It has been said that during these Kisei runs in the s and s, Fujisawa would drink for nine months straight, then sober up for his title defense late in the year. It looked like Fujisawa would hold the Kisei for the 7th year in a row, but Cho fought back and won 4 games, culminating in Fujisawa making a blunder from a winning position in the seventh game. Byhe won his first title since the Meijin in fujieawa, the Tengen.

Hideyuki Fujisawa – Wikipedia

This series exemplified his fuiisawa direction of play and fuseki skills and at the same time his infamous habit of mid to late-game blunders [ 1 ]. Derek McGuire added it Jan 07, Aug 06, Frank rated it liked it.

I was also extremely thrilled to find a traditional Japanese room with all manner of things Fujisawa Shuko inside: The Games of Fujisawa Shuko Author: However, Go World never covered a couple of them, and this book fills in the gaps with new commentaries, making it into a complete historical record and gripping saga.


Shuko was quite a character, and he contributed a lot to the go world, especially after his retirement. He then won two Asahi Pro Best Ten titles in and Moreover, he also contributed hugely to Go outside Japan.

Select a forum Life In 19x This book vividly brings the matches back to life.

The Meijin title was Fujisawa’s again inand then went on a half-decade dry streak. I’m also gratified to see that you like the cover. I was asked to give a more comprehensive description about our life in Beijing, so here goes, albeit a little late on my part: Here are the new professionals in a photo: The best selling books are, unsurprisingly, ones for beginners.

I liked this book very much. The game this time was very good, with few apparent mistakes for both sides. Two of the apartments were for students only, consisting of two bedrooms, one bathroom, one living room, and a kitchen. Return to Book Page. The understanding part however is not quite so simple, and can often require a lot of thought work.

It was intended to be the first of a series of books on Kisei title holders if there was enough interest. He went on to hold the title for two years at the ages of 66 to 67, making him the record holder for the oldest player to defend a big title a record that still stands to this day.

He put enormous effort into Chinese Go despite his own economic hardship.

Just a moment while we sign fujissawa in to your Goodreads account. I read fuhisawa study for pleasure; if I get stronger, that’s a bonus. Fujisawa died on May 8, Even though he was known more for his controversial acts, such as having a bad drinking habit, the most important thing that shone through about Fujisawa was his Go skill.


Fujisawa Hideyuki got promoted to 8 dan just one month before this game.

Paperbackpages. Take a look at the free sample chapter; that will give you a good idea of what to look forward to in the rest of shukoo book. I defeated Catalin Taranu of Romania by resignation, getting revenge for my loss to him in the European Go Congress He thus set a record fuujisawa the oldest player to defend a title, a record which holds to this day. In June,the dispute was resolved and Fujisawa was reinstated in the Ki-in.

shuko: the only move volume 1

Tue Dec 22, He won his second major title, the Ozawhich he held for three consecutive years from to The text reads smoothly and unobtrusively without stylistic distractions or typos. It looked like Fujisawa would hold the Kisei for the seventh year in a row, but Cho fought back and won the last four games, as Fujisawa made a blunder in a winning position in the seventh game. In October ofhe decided to retire from the go world at the age of His first major title was won inthe Meijin.

Interesting ideas from Fujisawa Hideyuki, even if sometimes too bold for me.

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