Freedom of Choice. Thomas J. Chalko MSc, Ph.D. “Whoever knows everything, but lacks Within, ISBN 0 0 7 – e-book edition (PDF file ). The Freedom of Choice Thomas J Chalko. 6 likes. Book. The Freedom of Choice Thomas J. Chalko MSc, Ph.D. “Whoever knows everything, but lacks Within, lacks EVERYTHING ” Melbourne, Australia,

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When you are admitted to your Higher Self – the bliss cannot be described in any human language. What would happen if we let a 5 year old child fly a freesom or drive a car on a highway? There is nothing I or anyone else can do.

They exercised their Freedom of Choice The alternative to developing Intellect is to remain stupid.

The Freedom of Choice by Dr Tom Chalko

Fo, do you remember that beauty was one of the main purposes of Designing the Universe to start with? Chalko, Conscious control of bio-energy field, http: Do you rea li ze that no scientist on Earth today can explain why we do not fall off the planet into space? It is a great cchoice [11].

Other people can help with explanations, but ultimately everyone has to achieve the understanding individually. However, such a situation becomes also a fascinating lesson for those Individual Intellects who have eyes and they do see Below, I have included only a few examples, to illustrate possibilities and their outcomes. You may wish to take advantage of it when you have difficulties getting asleep. Most telepathic invaders are low intellect people who have never really experienced being truly loved, regardless of all the mistakes they have made.

I have experienced dangers of a totalitarian regime and communism – to discover lim itations and traps of the capitalistic society. Lif e is truly a wonderful opportunity to develop the Intellect and eventually learn the Greatest Lesson of all – how to Love and become Loved. I can only bring it to your conscious attention. If you insist that only crawling is possible – you may never learn to fly The Freedom of Choice 17 Where is intellect?


I am grateful to Bo Szawlowska for bringing the exercise on page 76 to my attention and to Martin Shaldon for improving it. The author Dr Thomas J.

As a result – you did not have any plan on how to communicate your idea so it is properly understood. Since our Individual Intellects have to continue to exist indefinitely, we can choose to live an u nlim ited number of lifetimes in different physical bodies. In order to experience True Love – the autonomy of individual intellects cannot be in any way compromised.

Chalko It is purely about yourself.

One of the most effective ways of suppressing and sabotaging intellect is inducing FEAR. Atoms, Stars, Galaxies, Planets, Life and anything else that we do not yet thomax that exists. Igor Packo rated it it was amazing Feb 06, Skills acquired during regular meditation practice become simply invaluable. Developing an ability to concentrate for such a long time requires dedication and systematic practice, but it will ultimately make a real difference to your mental, spiritual and intellectual abilities.

If it changes, the change will chalkko sudden with simultaneous tsunamis on all oceans.

The Freedom of Choice

How high are the feelings that you can learn to oof The posture during meditation is also important. In other words, is it easier to create a house or create L ife? Members of Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and Maori communities are advised that this catalogue contains names and images of deceased people. The final result will not only depend on you – thomaa also on your Higher Self admitting you to itself.


Examples of such activities include Promoting beliefs and belief systems, regardless of their flavor Using hypnosis, both individual and collective to implant beliefs and belief systems mis-programming the intellect Promoting and sustaining fear of any kind.

How many of them will try to make you dependant on their help to maximize their income? Tragically, great majority of people never bother to check out if they are being cheated. And in case you do not find any initially – please do not piss on it, because you may feel strange later – when you will grow to understand more. You have the Freedom of Choice that is lim ited only by your own Intellect.

So, here it is. One of the many highlights of the book is the comprehensive and satisfying explanation of the reason for autonomy, individuality, intellect and the free thommas of every human being in the Universe. Chalko Not only is the development of intellect the most logical choice, and a very pleasant activity for intellect itself, but it is the essential condition for creating, developing and experiencing Higher Feelings, including Love.

Do not represent me by any carved statue or picture of anything in the heaven above, on the earth below, or in the water below the land. Let me explain the danger.

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