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What we can reasonably deduce is that the energy inflow from the environment is probably about twelve times the amount of power drawn from the electrical supply.

Intended for rooms of up to 18 square metres floor space, it uses watts maximum input for cooling and watts maximum input for 2 kilowatts of heating.

The NE Timer Chip. Robert was told that if he shared the information, he would be killed.

It should be remarked in passing, that most of the power produced when HHO is recombined into water, does not come from the hydrogen even though in its HHO form it is typically four time more energetic than hydrogen gasbut from charged water clusters which are generated during the electrolysis process. It polarises the quantum environment surrounding it and causes great streams of energy flow around itself.

It should be stressed that this information is what I have discovered as part of my interest in the subject and is mainly a reporting on what is being said by other people. However, there have been one or two requests for it to be available as a separate download, so here is Part 1 which is 4 Mb in size and which contains: A machine could never beat a man at chess – be realistic!

What they all have in common is an output which is much larger than the input.

Do you have both? Ce document au format PDF 1. It is routine, casual travel at mph, a speed which would have been considered to jk a fantasy when my father was young. This is not the case, nor is it correct to say that the engine is powered by the gas produced.


Hi all, I have updated my Don Smith rough design, I am still not finished working on it.

He got funding to allow him to start manufacturing retro-fit kits which would allow any car to run on water alone pjkbooo not use any fossil fuel at all. Let me start by presenting some of the facts about electrolysis. Near the end of the hour, another burst of electromagnetic waves keeps the tube radioactive and maintains the output current. The reason for this is human rather than technical. Interestingly, this is not something which they want to pursue as they have other areas which appeal more to them.

Hi Guys, Thanks to eWizard for this link over in another thread: This almost certainly refers to ferrofluid, not a “suspension of magnets”. For example, some years ago Cal-Tech in the USA spent millions proving that on board fuel reformers for vehicles would give us all better fuel economy and cleaner air. The Howard Johnson magnet motor.

The Pavel Imris minimal power lighting system patent. In his patent, Shigeta indicates his disappointment that jpkbook laboratory tests only showed an efficiency of ten times greater than that of Faraday while his calculations showed that he could be getting twenty times the Faraday result. There are several variations on John’s pulser. The Leroy Rogers Motor.

Pukbook is how I work when I design something, just approximates and intuitions. As the input power from the user, needed to make it work is zero, and the COP value is calculated by dividing the output power by this zero input power, the COP is actually infinity.

In two words to be the same High Spirit like he.

Free energy – LEARY LAND

Have i gotten this backwards, or did the motor benefit from the liquid magnet solution? If there is energy coming in from the environment, then the Law of Conservation of Energy just does not apply, unless you take into account the energy entering the system from outside.


This effect is not restricted to centuries ago. Consequently, they have no objections to sharing the practical information on what pnkbook did and the details are in chapter Even if we were not aware of these calculations, the fact that it has been done is quite enough to show that the current engineering theory is out of date and needs to be upgraded.

PJKbook : Patrick Kelly : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

There are many other portable air conditioning units including pjkbook larger versions. That is wrong, because the sentence was worded carefully. What you believe is up to yourself and is none of my business.

That is a major mistake as the gas produced by electrolysis of water is not hydrogen but instead is a mixture of highly charged single hydrogen atoms and highly charged single oxygen atoms.

Free energy

The Wood Gas Generator. Permanent Magnets provide continuous power. There is a strong tendency for people to state that such a system is not possible since it contravenes the Law of Conservation of Energy. The Alberto Molina-Martinez Generator.

Have any of you heard of the NANO motor that can turn a disk times its own size, and the rotation of the disk can be reversed by using ‘light enery All you need to do is demonstrate what you claim over and over again. Using two Tesla Coils pjkbooi.

Much of the information consists of chatty, lightweight articles pjkboook people, events and inventions in vague, broad outline terms which are almost completely lacking in specifics. The one shown below is a fairly typical unit. My suggestion is to correct your calculation formulas in dependence of Don Smith nomogram.

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