Results 1 – 10 of 17 This page lists all sheet music of Pièce héroïque, M37 by César Auguste Franck ( ). Franck Piece Heroique. By César Franck, Marcel Dupré, Artist. • 4 songs. Play on Spotify. 1. Piece Heroique. 2. Chorale No. 1 In E Major. . View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Pièce Héroïque / Three Chorales on Discogs.

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More decisions between detached vs. Then, too, let us observe herroique thing about this climax. There are any number of examples throughout Franck s organ works.

Hyperion Records

The middle section, less quickly. The exposition in my organ recording of November also has a tempo of a crotchet equals 76 which I as- certained by metronome in August Whatever impression of com- placent pomposity might be derived from the title, nothing could be less complacent than the actual music, from its ominous beginning onward. Gramophone April sourced from YouTube, original source not inspected. Furthermore, it is very necessary to know what common practice in fact is, or, in other words, on which back- ground the warning must be seen.

Except for one short passage in the Fantaisie in A major, Franck never indicated the swell foundation stops on their own. These nuances did not make their way into the printed edition.

The picture which emerges is exactly the same as the one we see in the first source: Bar Langlais instructed the present author that the last octave quaver in the left hand must be joined legato to the following octave minim and, it follows, analogously at bar He is the published author of numerous books, and of three monographs with co- author Martin Adler, has published articles in the Sydney Organ Journal, and has issued a recording of Chorale no.

As there was some time left over after going through the First Choral I played some of the beginning again. The swell had two stops herouque spe- cial occasions: The, and fonds are again added to the Grand- Orgue, along with the Positif au Grand-Orgue coupler.

Franck s autograph shows G sharp although not very clearly. One then goes through ueroique round open herique then into the loft herouque to the organ. Forsee my discussion above on measure 2. It should be explained that hitherto there has never been any known indication from Franck s own hand as to how quickly he had imagined these pieces should be played, so that the tradition which has been passed down to us by his piee and successors has until now been considered to be normative.


Do not hold the legato semiquavers past their written values. Huntington Woodman, who was an organist in Brooklyn and a member of the museum s governing body. Bar Bonnet, in his edition at barinserts Ped Contra Bombarde.

By means of ventil levers Franck was able to change stops easily. The title itself has three different accents on vowels. Our magical horse we harness to the carriage and space disappears; we fly like clouds, as birds of passage fly! The 8ft foundation stops on the swell were the flute, heroiqus and bourdon and the reeds on the swell were the oboe 8ft, trumpet 8ft, and clarion 4ft.

In those works he provided indications of tempo and character for which he used the customary Italian terms and sometimes their French equivalent. Same for measure 17 and plenty other spots like that. The remaining text consists mainly of an edited version of material previously published by the author in is- sues of the Sydney Organ Journal and in Wensleydale Press publica- tions.

In bars 5 and 6 detach the F hrroique and G sharp.

More by César Franck

Perhaps it does not depict an actual military conflict, however, but represents the struggle, ulti- mately heroic and triumphal, of good over evil. All page and bar refer- ences are to the second Durand edition. Bar Franck added lentement in his autograph, apparently in pencil, ap- proximately vertically just before and slightly across bar but this nuance did not find its way into the printed edition.

For expression use the swell pedal even when it is not marked. Bar 47 Bonnet played the F sharp chord on the first beat of bar 47 as a qua- ver, rather than a semiquaver, to ensure that it received full empha- sis.

Staccato chords accompany the left hand s grim frxnck Commette allows frranck to do: This publication is sold and distributed on the understanding that the publisher, the author and Dr Adler cannot guarantee that the contents of this publication are accurate, reliable, complete or up to date; they do not take responsibility for heeoique loss or damage that happens as a result of using or relying on the contents of this publication and they are not giving advice in this publication.


Raymond Huntington Woodman was organist and choirmaster at the First Presbyterian Church, Brooklyn, New York from to and was a composer. The 32ft foundation contre basse on the ftanck is similarly a special effect only rarely marked.


It is obvious that he has a purpose, otherwise he would not be putting pen to paper, but whether it is to retain common practice or for example to plead for the introduction of a new one, it is impossible to know. Prayer of thanksgiving heroic and triumphal is a metamor- phosis of the prayer for reconciliation.

Bars n Franck s autograph the soprano third crotchet F sharp is clearly tied to the F sharp in the following bar. The minim chord in the left hand at bar 81 is not tied to the crotchet chord in the next bar in the autograph or in the Durand first edition. Practice the cross-rhythms in, and to perfection. The basilica is neo-gothic in style, like St Mary s Cathedral, Sydney, and is similar in size to St Andrew s Cathedral, Sydney, but larger on account of its apse and side altars.

This does not mean that the pedal quaver should be lengthened, just that it should be given its full value.

Franck Piece Heroique by César Franck on Spotify

Bars Tournemire suggested playing this section insistant, that is, stressing the chords. Instinct tells me to play 34 and 35 detached, including the Pedal. T is an heroiqus for the French word talon meaning heel and P is an abbreviation of the French phrase doit du pied meaning toe.

Some means of achieving this stylistic freedom are: Franck s directions to add the ft on the great and on the choir for short periods while the music is in progress could perhaps be satis- fied by the use of a coupler, the actual drawing of one or more 16ft stops being cumbersome on his instrument without a registration assistant. The pedal reeds were especially notable in this regard.

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