Formless has ratings and 11 reviews. Martin said: Actually, it’s by Bois and Rosalind E. Krauss. Modern art reassessed thru Bataille. The book borrow. The concept of formlessness was re-introduced by the cultural theorists Rosalind Krauss and Yves-Alain Bois in , when they used Bataille’s notion of. Formless: A User’s Guide, [excerpt]. A User’s Guide to Entropy*. ROSALIND KRAUSS. X MARKS THE SPOT. Sometime in Bruce Nauman made a plaster.

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Nov 22, Barry Pierce rated it liked it Shelves: Responding to the four “foundational postulates” of rodalind summarized above are four basic “categories” of the formless: It’s hard enough to understand l’art informel when fucking Bataille talks about it, but it’s even more difficult to get it here.

In his essay, “Dialectic,” Bois distinguishes the Hegelian dialectic from Bataille’s notion of “scission.

Caillosi compares this condition to that reported by schizophrenics who feel themselves dispossessed and even devoured roxalind the space around them. But the need to actively pursue certain laws of operation, and the problematic “logic” behind such laws, seems to have eluded them. We recognise that it is destructive to existing patterns; also that it has potentiality.

Bataille’s “formless” is “base materialism,” but not the flattened “material” surface of Clement Greenberg. He feels himself becoming space. Michael Graf rated it it was amazing Sep 07, Another related aspect of the problem can be seen in Freud’s treatment, in Totem and Taboo, of the process he calls “secondary elaboration”: Before proceeding to an evaluation of this work, I must confess that, despite my best efforts, my own response may not be without some degree of bias.

Also include categories that we did not mention so far e. Open Preview See a Problem? Art is concerned with form.

Formless: A User’s Guide by Yve-Alain Bois

But this is an issue fraught with difficulties, as our authors are at pains to demonstrate, because there would seem to be two very different ways of approaching such a loss, such a descent: Clearly, the authors have here endeavored to apply the subversive “anti-methodology” of Bataille himself.

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Entropy, according to the second law of thermodynamics, is what leads all matter and energy inevitably into an increasing state of disorder.

The Destiny of the Informe. The difficulties entailed in this notion become evident when we review certain key distinctions emphasized by our authors. It symbolises both danger and power. Moreover, each main category is also a subcategory, either of itself or another category. Actually, it’s by Bois and Rosalind E.

For her, this particular movement from differentiation to non-differentiation calls to mind “the photographs from [the surrealist journal] Minotaure of insects so perfectly imitating the patterns of their habitats as to vanish completely into the uniformity of one continuous texture.

Note that formal regularities are excluded at the topmost level of structure, but not at embedded levels.

Formless: A User’s Guide

An Analysis of Concepts of Pollution and Taboo. A User’s Guide is the catalog of an exhibition held at the Pompidou Center in Paris during the summer of Silvia rated it really liked it Aug 17, And this is certainly one of the keys to rosakind interest our authors take in Bataille.

Let us now focus our attention on the word: What seems to drive the repetitive pulse of one organ dissolving into the image of another is a sense of the erosion of good form, an experience of pragnanz in the grip of the devolutionary forces of a throb formlses disrupts the laws of form, that overwhelms them, that scatters them.

But Krauss and Bois are not exactly rossalind carrying postmodernists.

In attempting to take things a bit farther, Krauss borrows a simple example of entropy from the writings of Smithson: As Bois explains in his essay under rosaoind heading “Dialectic,” “[e]ach time that the homogeneous raises its head and reconstitutes itself which it never stops doing since society coheres only by means of its cementthe job of the informe, base materialism, and scission is to decapitate it.

Brown’s Life Against Death, the collected writings of John Cage and beyond, to take its place as a major theme of postmodernism. Omnipotence of Thought Another related aspect of the problem can be seen in Freud’s treatment, in Totem and Taboo, of the process he calls “secondary elaboration”: Inspired by the strange “dictionary” Bataille published serially in the journal Documents during the late ’20s, Krauss and Bois have organized both their book and their exhibition according to an amusing “fractured” logic.


Jan 17, Lauren Fornless rated it it was amazing. Krauss and Bois have followed a “trajectory” to borrow one of their favorite terms which, at several points and not only in this bookintersects with certain aspects of my own.

Base Materialism For Bataille, the materialism of the philosophers—even the dialectical materialism of Marx and his followers—is still too dependent on “an obsession with an ideal form of matter.

With the advent of post-structuralism, however, he has become, in retrospect, something of a legend, one of those all too necessary “precursors” whose work seems justified more by the use to which it can be put at the present moment than any real value it may ever have had. Order implies restriction; from all possible materials, a limited selection has been made and from all possible relations a limited set has been used.

If any “energies” or “force fields” are put into play in these works, they are strictly conceptual, not “material. Marc rated it really liked it Jul 31, To Freud, the elaborate pretensions of thought, attributed so often to the logical systemizations of dialectical metaphysics, are clearly pre-logical, pre-systematic. Thames kauss Hudson, Because, whether or not the feminine subject is actually at stake in a given work, it is the character of being wounded, victimized, traumatized, marginalized, that is seen as what is at play within this domain.

I’m not convinced that Formlesss himself understands what the formless is.

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