The lands of the Unapproachable East trade with the Old Empires because of their proximity, and Thesk is the avenue through which exotic goods from the far. The Unapproachable East Forgotten Realms supplement takes you to Aglarond, Rashemen, Thay, Thesk, and the Great Dale! Take a peek at. Unapproachable East (Dungeons & Dragons d20 Fantasy Roleplaying, Forgotten Realms Setting) [Richard Baker, Matt Forbeck, Sean K. Reynolds] on.

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Showing cowardice or incompetence at arms results in shunning. Like most places in Rashemen, there are many spirits here. This leader is said to be either a vampire or a werewolf, commanding dire wolves that aid his tribe in their attacks.

Hlammach is the site of the kingdom’s mint, and thieves constantly try to steal the coins and trade bars stored here.

The Shadowmasters maintain safe houses in every city in Thesk. The city has good relations with Procampur and Tsurlagol, and it boasts a small wizard’s school specializing in magic helpful to sailing. The various tribal groups that live deeper within the forest assume a nomadic and tribal culture, while those on the outskirts abide by local human customs.

The Witches instruct and protect the Iron Lord, and can remove him from office at will. The town’s militia is active in the region, frequently practicing ambushes and spying on passersby.

The city of Tyraturos metropolis, 68, is large and sprawling, with a huge slave marketplace where almost any creature can be had for a price, including exotic ones such as lamia, centaurs, and drow. Adventurers come to the Great Dale to explore the forests and their strange ruins, but the land’s powerful druids watch carefully eazt all their travels in the woods.

It predates the arrival of humans in this area and was built by a race of intelligent lizardfolk, possibly the progenitors of the now-primitive tribes living in the Surmarsh. The dreary, constantly windswept place survives by fishing. Inhabited by dangerous creatures such as stirges, poisonous snakes, hydras, shambling mounds, trolls, and disease-carrying insects, the swamp has foiled attacks by Thayan armies more than once.


With outright conquest denied them, the zulkirs discovered that a great demand for Thayan goods – specifically magic items – exists in the cities oi the Inner Sea. They have never been settled by humanoids, but griffons fly in the high peaks, and boulder-like creatures called galeb duhr live here. The wealthiest person in a city becomes mayor, and joins the other mayors on a council that governs the nation.

Persistent rumors speak of a hidden pass leading from Impiltur west to the Vast, but no such route has ever been mapped. To visitors, Rashemen seems very wild, with few cultivated areas, roads little better than dirt tracks, and few dwellings. This area north of the Ashenwood is continually warm and green even in winter.

The Unapproachable East (1372)

A meeting with formidable monsters or strong foes leads to the summoning of additional patrols, or the hiring of adventurers to serve as realmss. The great mage Ythazz Eaxt, a member of a Mulhorandi secret society called the Red Wizards, sought to create a separate realm where wizards would rule instead of the god-kings. Copper, gems, grain, lumber, wine Alignment: With its traditional enemies the Red Wizards pursuing other tasks, Rashemen is fortifying its southern border in anticipation of eventual treachery.

This effect makes it difficult for enemies to discover the half-elves’ settlements and fortifications. The power of the Red Wizards extends far beyond Thay’s borders.

Unapproachable East (supplement) – Wikipedia

On the northern edge of the mountains in the Thaymount tharch is an old fortress simply called the Citadel. The city unapproachablf its name from the will-o’-wisplike creature that used to haunt the western edge of the Forest of Lethyr. She prefers to travel the land inspiring her people and aiding them in individual problems, serving as a willing figurehead for the forgtten rulers of Impiltur: Something is causing the shambling mounds of the Umber Marshes to march toward the south.


Slaves labor over the crops, their lives spent swiftly and carelessly in the production of prodigious amounts of food. The largest permanent settlement of half-elves in the Yuirwood, this town is built around four large and very old trees. The half-elves of the Yuirwood are descended from wood elves. The walled city of the same name metropolis; 54, is ynapproachable to adventurers, even foreign ones, as long as these visitors don’t threaten Thayan interests.

Impilturans see all sorts of raw valuables come from their northern neighbors and exotic goods arrive in their ports. After a time, humans penetrated the wards of the Yuir and allied with the weary elves.

It divides the Easting Reach from the Alamber Sea. Alchemical items, arrows, bows, carved wood, herbs, magic items Alignment: Thay’s aggressive slaving and the abominable conditions of the slaves within its borders attract good adventurers eager to strike a blow against the cruel Red Wizards. Pages to import images to Wikidata Articles to be expanded from June All articles to be expanded Articles with empty sections from June All articles with empty sections Articles using small message boxes All stub articles.

These units range from nearly naked goblins fighting in mobs to plate-armored and highly trained cavalry riding flying steeds or magically augmented mounts of various sorts.

When hobgoblins and other monsters began to encroach on their territory, the elves warred with them but lost ground steadily. One of the military leaders proposed uniting their strength to form a nation, and the others agreed. The armies of Rashemen are commanded by the Huhrong, or Iron Lord, who is expected to be the epitome of the Rashemi warrior.

The exceptions are unusually good individuals, such as the rulers of eaet land who have always used magic to defend them.

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