For Ecco, comfort is at the heart of golf shoe design


If innovation and comfort are the basis of Ecco golf shoes, they are not lacking in style.

BROOKLYN, New York — Like a compelling salesperson, Jesper Thuen provided deep insight into why Ecco golf shoes make the best sense.

On an abnormally hot day in early May, the manager of Ecco Golf USA held court in the newly opened studio and offered an overview of the latest Danish shoe designs. Before doing so, however, he prepared a scene.

“Think about it,” Thuen said. “If you’re on the course with an uncomfortable pair of shoes, it can lead to blisters and sores. Then all of a sudden fatigue sets in, you become less mentally sharp and that leads to a bad game.”

Point? Comfortable shoes are important.

Eco, which prides itself on being a maker of high-end footwear and leather goods, is no stranger to the golf industry. Since its groundbreaking Golf Street spikeless release in 2010 — “the game changer,” says Thuen — the 59-year-old family business has successfully broken into the golf market and carved out its own niche.

As the fourth largest golf shoe brand in the world, according to Thuen, the United States remains its No. 1 market. Golf shoes account for 10% of the company’s volume. So it only made sense that Thuen and his team would be happy to discuss his latest releases and innovations.

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Shortly after Golf Street became a success, the developers introduced Biomechanical Optimization Technology (BIOM) in 2011. This was the second game changer for its Golf line.

It wouldn’t be wrong to claim Ecco’s latest H4 BOA BIOM lines for men and women as top sellers, though Thuen won’t divulge numbers. After all, this is the next generation of its hybrid performance model, following in the footsteps of the BIOM Hybrid 3.

In addition to “emphasizing the performance of our golf shoes which are already known for their comfort and quality,” says Andrzej Bikowski, Head of Design for Ecco Outdoor and Ecco Golf, the architects introduced Gore waterproofing -Tex and technology that promotes increased stability, traction and stability. breathability all in a lightweight shoe.

Spikeless enthusiasts can also indulge in the BIOM C4, which offers a new super-stretch mesh sock with performance leather for supreme comfort.

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Thuen highlighted Ecco’s Exhaust Grid technology near the cushioned sole that draws in air to keep the foot cool and dry. That, combined with Gore-Tex, could be another big change in keeping feet completely dry even on the wettest courses. The breathable insole can be removed, providing more room for wider feet without losing comfort.

Both lines are around $230 with a limited color selection. If the price seems extreme, more affordable choices exist.

Priced between $160 and $170, the men’s and women’s golf top styles aren’t very comfortable.

Less sporty than other ranges, they are made from durable leather using Ecco’s DriTan technology, which reduces the amount of water used in the tanning process. Water repellent properties are also incorporated and the outsole offers multi-directional traction and slightly larger lugs in high abrasion areas.

Like the BIOM lines, the removable and washable OrthoLite insoles result in ultra-cushioned cushioning and improved breathability.

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For a more fashionable look – and priced around $150 – Golf Core Mesh styles for men and women can be worn on and off the course. Lightweight, breathable mesh complements the cool color amplification. Among the latest innovations, it is undoubtedly the sportiest and most relaxed look.

Thuen says each pair of shoes has around 200 hands involved in the construction process. Innovation and comfort are anchored in the company’s philosophy.

Michael Waack, Head of Global Golf, has been with Ecco since 2002. He oversaw the BIOM-registered Golf Street and Natural Motion models, both of which helped change the trajectory of Ecco’s golf shoe line.

“These shoes were pretty bold developments as we introduced entirely new concepts to the global golf market,” says Waack.

This is also partly due to the principle that “form should follow function”, adds Waack. “It’s inherent in the construction of every shoe.”

For a company immersed in innovation, development, durability and comfort – not to mention footwear sold in 89 countries – it’s no wonder the groundbreaking Danish company remains a strong player in a competitive market.


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