Buy Foma Fomadon R09 ( ml) featuring Monochrome Negative Film Developer, High Acutance / Edge Contrast High Dilution: to Review Foma. I just picked up a bottle of fomadon R09 from prophot in paris as a rodinal substitute (i know its back in production, but they didn’t seem to keen. Fomadon R09 is a one-part liquid concentrate to prepare fine-grain, normal- working developer, intended for of all types of black and white negative films.

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You have to watch out now: Difference in density overall measured on the grey card about 0,07 log D.

I think the fomadon sheet might fomadonn a bit outdated it lists a 15 minute time for ‘tri x-pan’ It’s 0,65 log D. Rodinal is renamed to R09 one shot because the Agfa Photo name and Rodinal can not be used anymore, only by Lupus the owner of the Agfa brand. More interesting is how on the same scene, grain, shadow and highlights are in the negatives. We found 7 Min. Heiland TAS film processor www. The Foma Fomadon R09 ml is a fine-grain liquid negative film developer.


Both para-amino phenol developers and the differences are in fact neglectible. The Fomadon sheet specifies you to use “distilled, demineralized or RO?

It says, APH09 at 1: Jan 12, 6. LordMagnus1 8 years ago.


There are two recent statements on this matter: But I don’t know if it is the only difference, after the worldwar 2 R09 was made by the east german agfa or orwo and Rodinal was made by west german agfa. Less diluted concentrate produces harder and more coarse-grain negatives, while highly diluted concentrate yields fine-grain negatives with lower contrast.

Dark brown 4 y. Especially for beginners you need a bullet proof when possible liquid developer to start with. The Rodinal developer is from my aging test: The film is drying now overnight. Can I interpret your results to mean that R09 needs less time in development to reach the same density, or a higher dilution compared to Rodinal?

Rodinal bottle is for next year. The solubility of the p-aminophenol is borderline. Your name or email address: The processing of foreign films in other FOMA developers has not been tested yet.


Is Fomadon R09 the Same as Rodinal? | Photography Forums

Indeed, the differences are neglectible and in fact almost within the specifications of the densitometer I used to measure things out on the grey card.

I have a bottle of Agfa Rodinal that dates from the early 90s, almost but not quite full.

The bottle ml Fomadon R09 was almost full. Wiesmier 12 years ago.

Recipes & dev times using Developer Foma Fomadon R09

I developed a few rolls of r90, never could get results I actually liked and stopped using it. Foma Fomadon R09 ml. We will authorize your payment method for the full advertised amount when you order this item, but you will not be charged until your item ships.

I have used 1; stand development with fp4 with greta results. Tomorrow the first results. Overview Discussions Photos Members Map.

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