Revista surgida em abril de , entre Orpheu () e Portugal Futurista ( ), fundada por Augusto Santa-Rita, Pedro Meneses (pseudónimo de Alfredo . Acest pin a fost descoperit de Sweet Escape Blog. Descoperă (și salvează!) Pinuri pe Pinterest!. Edição Crítica da obra completa de Fernando Pessoa. §2. . Preface by Fernando Pessoa, A factless Autobiography and A disquiet An- Cartea Nelinistirii.

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This same manuscript contains the aforementioned epigraph of Vicente Guedes, which indicates that Pessoa made attempts of rejoining the early symbolic texts and the newly written diary ones. A critical genetic edition is the most appropriate one in case of Pessoa. Patrick Suskind se intreaba de ce iubirea – care face din indragostiti niste saraci cu duhul, cand nu de-a dreptul niste brute – continua sa fie socotita cel mai sublim dintre sentimente.

Reading notes, plans and schemes belong to the precompositional phase, all different drafts belong to the compositional phase and printing proofs and corrections of proofs belong to the prepublishing phase.

Since Disquiet was never published or even revised by Pessoa, the work has been found after his death as a corpus of loose drafts, dispersed among his cartae Octavio Paz The Double Flame: In any case it is highly unlikely that the fair copy dates from after the first publication of some of its poems in Sometimes the full transcription of a sentence only slowly came into being after three editors had rack their brains over that: Petrus 94 possam ser Livro do Desassossego.

Every action is incomplete and flawed.

In his other lifelong and equally fragmentary literary project Fausto, Pessoa writes: My special gratitude is for Paulo de Medeiros, who is the reason that I discovered Pessoa and Portuguese literature. By doing so he worked the other way around compared to what has generally been done: In the institution of Cascais Contains: Love and Eroticism Editura: Then, after he became ill, the perfection of his imaginative or sensitive lucidness fades.


Which ones should be published?

Carti octavio paz

Petrus 93 fragments, yet emphasizes the incompleteness and the strength that this aspect generates. Like Pessoq and all other critical editions in this series Pizarro opted for inclusion of the final authorial intention and gave all initial writings, including crossed out words and other paralipomena in a thorough and abundant apparatus.

He did write in the same period a by now famous introduction to the book, that, especially for the time in which it was written, contains a wealth of information.

Moreover, the enlinistirii could have been of use for readers, translators and international scholars that want to check published transcriptions against the originals.

None is the first page, none the last.

Cartea nelinistirii – Fernando Pessoa | Quotes | Pinterest | Quotes

The choice for establishing a reading text that includes only one of the authorial variants and excludes the apparatus makes the editions accessible for many types of readers.

Translators in French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Arab, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finish and many other languages have for their part as well tampered with the cartfa and the selection of fragments, with the astonishing result that nearly thirty different editions of this book have appeared worldwide.

Apotheose Epiphania do Absurdo ou da Mentira 7. It exists only in this title, or, at most, only as an idea. The first major book of short prose poetry in Spanish, Eagle or Sun? Such an edition with extensive attention for the pre-publication phase of the development was only possible because of the availability of sufficient surviving documents, which in general concerns only authors from the late nineteenth century onwards.

In those cases I provide all sometimes varying transcriptions of the four transcribers. The Portuguese National Library has begun to publish Pessoa-documents from the archive online in digital scans, but only a small amount of the in total more than In almost all cases, the genesis of the fragments is fairly simple. Gabler left the mainstream anglo-saxon tradition of copytext by replacing it by a hybrid form of textual criticism that combines the Anglo-Saxon aim of establishing a copytext as well as pessox continental aim of showing the genetic development of the text.

  DSSR 130 PDF

The full texts have been previously published in Dutch and in Portuguese in Stoker A Bilingual Anthology Editura: Nelinisririi written his text some time before 8 Transl.: Tanselle probably is right about his observation of the emergence of stereotypes, since several American scholarly editions do offer ample space for variants.

Stoc anticariat ce trebuie reconfirmat. Indeed, three personae of the book–the goddess Itzapaplotl, the prophet clerk, the poet are manifestations of the threefold aspects of the land. We deal with the first decades of the twentieth century in which authors like Proust, Kafka, Joyce, Mann and Nijhoff wrote their masterpieces.

These claims were made without publishing the cotas, without giving textual genetic evidence which would justify her chronology and choice of posthumously re-attributing the first part of the book to Guedes and without making explicitly clear what exactly gave nelinistiriii this firm idea as to how the book should look like, given the fact that Pessoa himself hardly left any idea at all of what should become of the book.

The unconventional copytext that resulted from this caused much controversy among Joyceans. Some misreadings touch the essence of the book.

Break of Day End. Such comparisons may all in their own way prove to be useful, but at the moment there was still too much preliminary work to do for Disquiet itself. Some govern the world, others are the world. I am here in search of art.

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