“Here to Help” is a support column written especially for Formstack’s awesome, loyal customers. So you’ve created a form with the Formstack. Watch how to manage form data and export or share it within the Formstack application. Formstack’s Advanced PDFs tool lets you personalize the look of your exported PDFs, customize shown fields, and easily share edited files with others.

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You mentioned wanting to be able to change font and color options. If you should have any further issues or concerns, please reach out to our team at support formstack.

No signing in or verifying email addresses. The results are exported in a hard to read Excel document. Can’t seem to change design of submission pages add logos etc to make it a nice document to add into reports when needed Overall: It allows for so many if statements to capture exactly what we want from the person filling out the form.

These forums are no longer utilized and are provided as an go for informational purposes only. While there are many form tools out there, formstack wins! We use this expotr for a quick registration option on our event webpage.

Formstack Reviews and Pricing –

The form builder is easy to use for forms that need to be built quickly. Formstack is a useful software and easy to access. If you are looking for an app that only makes regular forms this one is for you.

We’re glad we’ve been able to free up some of your time for other projects! We hope this hasn’t been too much of an inconvenience for you.


We use Formstack for all of our lead capture across our whole website. However, if you have some programming chops, you could accomplish your goals using the Wufoo API.

I sent a message to the Sales team instead to see if they could get me in touch with a different Support professional who knew how to fix this problem no phone s ecport website. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

Recreational Facilities and Services, employees. It is completely web based. Currently there is no way to import entries. We are continually updating our product and would love to hear from you with any ideas you have to improve the app. Very good for integrating with google sheets and google drive to make systems more efficient. Formstack is pretty reliable. Sad and feel like they don’t really care about me much.

The form builder gets a little slow and clunky when editing a form once you start to have over 30 form fields or multiple pages and logical conditions. It’s fairly simple to copy events to new forms. We’ve had no issues with the service or support whatsoever. You would have to start from scratch. The Formstack for Salesforce product leaves MUCH to be desired taking away all form customization available in regular formstack and it has taken hours and multiple team members to be able to streamline our formstack to salesforce process.

Overall I’m pretty happy and I make it work for my needs, but I am on the prowl for other solutions. We’d still love the chance to make this right for you, but understand if you’re not interested. Best and Easiest to use Form and registration service that I have ever used. Entries are form specific and your FormStack form may not match up exactly to your Gravity Form. I sent your review over to our Director of Customer Care.


You can also use this to string together steps in a process: Andy 4 1 2. If budget is an issue for you or you just need something simple, definitely go with this product. We are thrilled that you love using Formstack! It is forkstack awesome product! Replies were not succinct and while I was trying to figure out how to follow their rules they deactivated my form and disrupted the business operation.

I’ve only used Formstack for a quick event registration form. The forms are standard legal agreements with additional fields concerning height, weight, etc.

Cancelled my account after 1 month -Most useless tech support of all time.

Migrating form data from FormStack

I was moving from a different form generating software and so did the same that I was doing before. The look of the webforms themselves is dated – it would be nice if they would invest in some contemporary looking designs so the user sees something more sleek.

Formstack is forrmstack to an efficient small business. There’s not an easy way to connect Formstack data to our CRM platform.

We do have webhooks and an API that may help moving forward. Not the easiest software to navigate, interface seems dated. The basic requirements are as follows:

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