An Arabic-English Lexicon: Derived from the Best and the Most Copious This is the Text Version of Lane, An Arabic English Lexicon converted into text from. آ. ب. ت. ث. ج. ح. خ. د. ذ. ر. ز. س. ش. ص. ض. ط. ظ. ع. غ. ف. ق. ك. ل. م. ن. ه. و. ى. Resize=>. 8 vols · Download Arabic Font. Contents. Lexicon. (click on letters). Titles &. Edward William Lane’s Arabic-English Lexicon (Dictionary). Regarded as the best Arabic-English lexicon in the world, and now available FREE. Online in PDF .

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Instead, Lane joined his brother Richard in London, studying engraving with him. In Egypt he had frequently attended the prayers at the Mosques and there comported himself in all outward appearance as a Muslim: Englizh you are ordering this title outside of the UK, please contact us about shipping charges.

No one who came within the reach of dnglish influence, however great the disagreement in opinion, could fail to be impressed with the earnestness of Lane’s conviction; and few talked with him without giving away better men than they came. Theopilus Lane, and grandnephew of Gainsborough on his mother’s side. Back to England, Lane continued to work on the dictionary with zeal, complaining that he was so used to the cursive calligraphy of his Arabic manuscripts that the Western print strained his eyes.

Quotes from inside the book: However, his health soon deteriorated. Lane was the third son of the Rev. Set of two volumes. And whereas in the native writers method is unknown and meaning follows meaning in no e.w.lanr sequence, Lane has succeeded in arranging each article in logical order, distinguishing between primary and secondary meanings, and making the various significations of each root a connected whole, instead of a chaotic of inexplicable contradictions.


This work is the product of over thirty years of unrelenting labour. Lane also read widely in order to provide examples for the entries. On Knowledge Of The Unique Every Arabist has had good cause to bless him for his superhuman labour… It is certainly true to say that every work produced in this century relating in any way to Arabic studies has drawn heavily upon the Lexicon.

Arabic-English Lexicon (2 Volumes Set – E. W. LANE)

To the last he preserved the simple earnest faith of his childhood “he never began his day’s work without uttering the Arab dedication Bismi-Ilah, “In the name of God”. He visited Cambridge, but did not enrol in any of its colleges.

His early training had led him to regard Sunday as a day to be set apart for the things of religion, and his long sojourn in the East had in no -rise weakened this feeling. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Notify me when available. But Lane does not use his own knowledge of Arabic to give definitions to the words.

If you are interested in supporting the activities of the Islamic Texts Society, please visit the Support Us page. On Sundays he never allowed himself, however much pressed for time, to continue his week-day work; nor did he like Sunday visitors.

E. W. Lane’s Arabic-English Lexicon

Thus the work is, in point of authoritativeness, as sufficient for the student as if he possessed all the original manuscripts from which it is compiled. Now, for the first time, the Islamic Texts Society has, with no loss whatsoever of clarity or legibility, brought together the eight large volumes into two compact volumes; it is now possible to keep the Arabic-English Lexicon on the work desk and refer to it with ease.

Engilsh items in stock! No scholar or group of scholars has produced anything to supplant it. Nothing has come out of the planned Second Division.

Arabic-English Lexicon – THE ISLAMIC TEXTS SOCIETY

From an early breakfast to near midnight he was always at his desk, the long hours of work being broken only by a few minutes for meals- he allowed himself no more – and a scanty half-hour of exercise, spent in walking up and down a room or on the terrace on the roof. At length the materials were gathered, the Taj was transcribed up to a sufficiently advanced point, and Lane felt he need stay no longer in Egypt” “composition went slowly on, and the manuscript of the Taj-e-Aroos was gradually completed and sent over”.


This product is no longer in stock. He was a Christian Gentleman, of a fashion of life that engglish passing away. Those later volumes are e.w.land and full of gaps. In his presence a profane or impure speech was an impossibility: His high and pure soul shone in his countenance, in his Manner, in his every word. Since the Muslim scholars there were reluctant to lend manuscripts to Lane, the acquisition of materials was commissioned to Ibrahim Al-Dasuqi —a graduate of Azhar and a teacher in Boulaq.

Lane set to work at once, making his third voyage to Cairo to collect materials in the same year.

Quotes from inside the book:. By buying this product you can collect up to loyalty points.

Lane translates these definitions into English, and he carefully notes which dictionaries are giving which definitions.

On all other days he devoted himself uncompromisingly to the e.w.labe of his Lexicon.

Arabic-English Lexicon

It consists of Arabic words defined and explained in the English language. Views Read Edit View history. In total, the First Division comprises 3, pages.

Homepage Catalogue Arabic-English Lexicon.

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