Cadel Piggott has a genius IQ and a fascination with systems of all kinds. At seven, he was illegally hacking into computers. Now he’s fourteen and studying for. Cadel Piggott has a genius IQ and a fascination with systems of all kinds. At seven, he was illegally hacking into computers. Now he’s 14 and studying. Evil Genius, then, is not a children’s book like Dahl’s Matilda, but a coming-of-age young adult (YA) book. Author Catherine Jinks is adept at working with this.

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Jinkw must keep an eye out for a novel featuring a villain with an island off the coast of Melbourne …. Everything is, if not wrapped up, at least successfully drawn to a close by the book’s finish. When he falls for the mysterious and brilliant Kay-Lee, he begins to question the moral implications of his studies for the first time. Sometimes the plot bordered on cartoonish with Darkkon’s evil villain motives, and some of the characters’ abilities, but it was usually saved jinkx an acknowledgment of the bizarreness of it all, and in Darkkon’s case, by Thaddeus Roth.

Cadel soll nach Abschluss seiner Ausbildung di Inhalt: To comply with the Wikipedia quality standardsthis book-related article may require cleanup.

The Girl with the Jiks Heart. This book is very, very unique, like, I have minks read a book quite like this one before, and I am very happy about that. This is a book that boys would like.

Contemptuous of his adoptive parents yet eager to please adults who take him seriously, Cadel soaks up amorality from his mentor and Dr. I was literally on the edge of my seat during the final chapters, i gasped when my favorite character, Thaddeus told Cadel the truth. This book is very much a unique idea, and it can be used as motivation to help your students expand their imaginations and come up with things that nobody has ever really thought of before, or, if those ideas have been thought of, than to actually write about those ideas, and not be afraid too.


It jjinks revealed that Cadel’s real father is the brilliant Evil Genius Dr.

Evil Genius (novel) – Wikipedia

Perhaps the most interesting character, however, is Thadeus. A facade of higher education, its chemistry classes are all about poisons, art classes are about forgery, and the computer classes all about hacking. The first, and most important reason, is the relationship between Evl and Prosper.

This page was last edited on 16 Juneat The book is action-packed. This could have been pages and vaguely interesting. His classmates include a young man from Liverpool whose stench is so bad he has to wear a kind of spacesuit to protect everyone from his smell; twins with a penchant for shoplifting, aided and abetted by a telepathic connection; and a young medical student who’s trying to turn himself into a vampire.

He is a master of manipulation, and easily convinces Cadel that his way is the way to go. The psycholo Thirteen year old genius Cadel Piggott lives evll Sydney Australia with his distracted parents.

I have developed a healthy skepticism for sequels to books I like, especially with a name like Genius Squadbut this book was one that I am very glad I did not judge by its name and cover. While Cadel suppresses his concerns and attends the institute, his growing doubts and moral sensitivity eventually lead to his rejection of Thaddeus and Phineas, and his determination to destroy the Axis Institute.


Strange Horizons is a weekly magazine of and about speculative fiction. Finally someone who can spell gaol correctly!

I fell in love with the book right away. See 1 question about Evil Genius….

But is it too late to stop Dr. I was cheering him one all the way. That doesn’t stop the man gwnius influencing Cadel with the help of the boy’s psychologist and Darkkon’s right hand man Thaddeus Roth. James Bond himself couldn’t have encountered better.

Zu dem Zeitpunkt gsnius ich auch noch nicht, dass dies ebenfalls eine Reihe ist A dastardly, evil plan that will, he hopes, free him of the net that’s been so carefully and thoroughly woven around him, and enable him to live his own life.

Marlane Quade Cook By: And thanks for the wonderful message, which gave me SUCH a jikns. The website link was an old one instituted by my publishers, and they might have decided to scrap the website by now.

Evil Genius

Nonetheless, I have been in the position of both Cadel with his feelings of superiority and everyone else to whom he felt superior. Cadel learns more about cxtherine true identity and moves towards maturity, developing the emotional and moral resources he will need as an independent adult. Cadel has created an online subscription dating agency as a source of funds, providing fake correspondents to keep the fees coming in.

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