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To get a sense of America’s economic dependence on fossil fuels and motor vehicles, consider that in 16 states, including Massachusetts, Illinois, and Connecticut, crude oil or petroleum is major imports. In seven states, including Georgia, Florida and Alabama, the top imports are motor vehicles or auto parts.

About 152 million Americans live in states where fossil fuel or motor vehicle products are the top import categories, with a total import value of more than $170 billion. About one-third of the value of all Maryland imports are motor vehicles, while more than 43% of the value of all Oklahoma imports are crude oil.

To determine the top import by state, 24/7 Wall St. looked at import data from the United States Census Bureau United States Online Commerce Platform. Products, as identified by the Harmonized System categorization method, have been categorized by their total import value, measured by state of destination, in 2021. (The Harmonized System includes more than 5,000 product groups , each identified by a six-digit code. We chose the 4-digit level of detail.)

So-called repaired imports are the main import category for Arizona, Kansas, North Carolina and North Dakota. This category includes goods such as industrial equipment or other products that are shipped to a manufacturer for repair and return. Pharmaceuticals (noted as drugs) are the top imports for New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and three other states. (See also: Industries that will contract the most over the next decade.)

Kentucky and Wisconsin’s main imports are blood and plasma. In New York, it’s diamonds. The top import value in 17 states is less than 10% of the total import value, while in four states the top import is at least 40% of the total import value, dominated by crude oil imports from the Montana. (These are the countries most dependent on the oil trade.)

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