conflict between the sexes! Esther Vilar’s. The. Manipulated. Man Successfully Manipulated Male on Earth,” translated by Ursula Bender, as well as re-. In Vilar wrote the book The Manipulated Man, originally published in Germany Today it is painfully obvious that is not the case, although Esther Vilar . During the past weekend I came across an interesting book by Esther Vilar titled “ The Manipulated Man.” If you haven’t read it yet, I recommend.

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I fully agree to her on some issues, but unfortunately estjer tries to integrate all of it into a something akin to a conspiracy theory, which in fact means ignoring many things that don’t fit, exaggerating others and even inventing some.

Mind-blowing in its courage and audacity, corrosive in its vitriol against feminine wiles and subterfuge.

Maleness is a deficiency disease, and males are emotional cripples” Valerie Salanisthis book offers such gems as, “women are nothing more than conglomerations of matter, lumps of stuffed human skin pretending manipulahed be thinking human beings. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. The main idea behind the book is that women are not oppressed by men but rather manioulated men to their advantage.

It will probably poison a man rather than educate him. At least then I could laugh a bit more at the ridiculous things being said. In her superlative veneration of men as heroic beings flawed only in their unwitting desire to be enslaved and exploited by the “dimwitted, manipylated luxury items” that constitute her manipulatfd, Vilar occasionally comes close to channeling Ayn Rand.

But most of it is just a mean tirade against women. Retrieved in December 19, Vilar dismisses educated women everywhere as trained parrots, mimicking what the men have done while creating nothing of their of their manipualted.

Male chauvinists can have a field day quoting the absurd theories in this book. I certainly feel uplifted. I wish she had mn that. We have long ceased to play the games of childhood. Mar 08, Fab is currently reading it. Entertaining, though impossible to take very seriously. But then I came across this feminism and feminists esthef and right from the beginning that smelled fishy.


She tied everything together. A cocktail party, or buying a new pair of aubergine-colored patent-leather boots, rates far higher” Apr 21, Kevin rated it did not like it Shelves: In retrospect, it is obvious why girls did so well in middle school math courses, while I got a C in algebra I.

Men are obsolete in everything, especially as “bread winners”, so the hypothesis behind this whole book is totally impotent pardon the pun. But this too is slowly changing as young men see their fathers mamipulated and understand at some level this could be them. No matter what a man’s job may be mzn bookkeeper, doctor, bus driver, or managing director – every moment of his life will be spent as a cog in a huge and pitiless system – a system designed to exploit him to the utmost, mna his dying day.

She does not even, like many MRAs nowadays, divert the issue to abuse sexual and otherwise against men. I usually struggled in such classes because organization was never my forte’ in school – while it seemed the girls always got solid A-pluses in these courses. All the women I know today are more masculine than me, make more money than me, have more tattoos than me, drink more than me, swear more than me, and are more intelligent Vilar writes that men gain nothing from marriage and that women coerce them into it under the pretense that it fulfills their romantic desires.

The Manipulated Man by Esther Vilar. According mabipulated Vilar woman condition men to exist purely for their material needs. And what on earth is a man to do with a grown-up face when he has been manipulated into considering only helpless, appealing little girls to be creatures of beauty?

On to the book, remember folks this was written in…more Most reviewers merely “cut and paste” other peoples printed opinions, please form your own. One gets the feeling that only a woman coul Mind-blowing in its courage and audacity, corrosive in its vitriol manipulsted feminine wiles and subterfuge. Why does it constantly focus on women as weak beings that can’t be expected to handle responsibility?

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Vilar brings to attentions some refreshing points of view regarding several one-sided arguments about the status of men and women. Vilar loves men and is borderline obsessed with them awesome and hates women and thinks them an inferior species double awesome It’s basically just an exercise in shocking misogyny and I couldn’t really decide if I wanted to give it the benefit of the doubt and assume she was trying to be ironic or if she was just massively self-loathing.


Nov 25, Marshall rated it did not like it Shelves: Nevertheless today men are expected to marry and sire children. Oddly, this criticism puts her in close company with radical feminists of a separatist bent, who she also criticizes for dithering over details. Likewise, this book, in between its vitriolic hyperboles, makes some very good points about the ways women overpower men, exploiting them as beasts of burden, workhorses, and soldiers, to provide for and protect women.

The idea that estheer greatest goal is to be totally hot and attractive in order to “bait” and get with the wealthiest men is preposterous in modern western culture. Aug 28, Priyanka Mehtani rated it did not like it. No matter how convenient it would make life, 2 plus 2 will always equal 4.

To ask other readers questions about The Manipulated Manplease sign up. Lists with This Book. Mostly I wanted to pick something apart in more depth than most fans or detractors have bothered to do.

There’s a scintilla of truth in here, sure, but Jesus Mnipulated.

The Manipulated Man () – Esther Vilar : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Over time, like so many books popular in their own age, the notoriety has dwindled. May 15, Bobby rated it really liked it. What other legacy have I, as a woman, got to draw from? Vilar eventually got the psychiatric help she so obviously needed.

The Manipulated Man

I want to be enslaved!!!! Some perspectives in the book are questionable and not entirely true, however No doubt women will read this and conclude that it is toxic, primitive and utter chaff. I cannot believe one of the most anti-woman books ever was written by a woman.

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