Epurbloc/VEnto P6 Eco Septic Tank super low profile septic tank. Anaerobic pre-treatment – 8 steps in the Epurbloc® septic tank. System 1 of PE = Epurbloc® + FD + CHAS + Compact • System 2 of . EPURBLOC® or settling tank “Performance” 3 stamped CE with detachable EPURBLOC® rectangular or cylindrical .. Ribbed rectangular Epurbloc®

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Separators Brands Turtle Enviro Klargester. Hotels, school with canteen 3. If necessary, connect the constituent cisterns of the system. By continuing to browse the site, You are agree to use cookies. In effect, an inadequate pre-treatment of wastewaters, may compromise the functioning of the downstream purification system.

Outlet of infiltration bed of a vertical flow, non-drained sand filter, in reconstituted soil. Emptying is to be done every four 4 years, but in particular circumstances linked to the peculiarities of the works or the epurnloc of the building, to be duly justified by the constructor or the occupant, the frequency can be changed In case of clogging or saturation, the mesh or filtering material must be cleaned following the guidelines below: Acts or events punishable by the rule of law Non-contractual: It must be placed stably and horizontally directly onto the base, at the downstream extremity of the vertical drained sand filter.

Sewage treatment unit insurance All persons, physical or moral, to whom the wpurbloc responsibility can be attributed on the basis of presumption established by the articles and thereafter of the civil code. All plantations above and at least 3 meters from the purification system are forbidden III. Final backfill with topsoil.


The final back-fill is done in successive layers to the point where it reaches the natural level of the surrounding terrain, whilst also leaving the access points visible and accessible, and taking into account subsequent consolidation. Emptying must be done as often as necessary in relation to the stocked volume. The good working order of a Principal Pre-treatment Unit requires a minimum input in the order of 50 litres per day, per person.

Non-execution, poor execution or delayed execution of a contract article CC 1. For backfilling around all cisterns SP-SZ use stabilized sand: The inspection caps should be left clear and visible for maintenance.

All plantations above the underground works are forbidden All rainwater directed through the units is forbidden. Access to tank bottom for cleaning is strictly forbidden because it contains lethal fermentation fumes methane, sulphurous anhydride ….

Some septic tanks are equipped with a slot for the ventilation placed in epurhloc outlet downstream.

For all the above inspection chambers: Cistern D on the m erformehrs1. Suspended Organic Matter S. It can be cut-down for perfect adaptation of the chamber to the terrain.

Sotralentz EPURBLOC sewage set with drainage area

Sotralentz suggests slotting the Higher ventilation VH into the inlet IN of the pre-filter upstream and not the outlet OUT of the pre-filter downstream. In the absence of such recommendations, the table below gives some general guidelines. When the ventilation is slotted into the outlet downstream of the septic tank, only residual gases are captured and vented in the rest period between arrivals of raw wastewater because of low pressure in the Higher ventilation pipe. At the start of all works, there must be available the means to prove the existence of an insurance contract covering this responsibility.


The connection of channelling should only be done after lateral backfilling has been completed.

Epurbloc – Septic Tank – Low Profile Septic Tanks

Semi-buried placement, finished with topsoil and reseeded with grass 50 Serial number — date of fabrication Guide to placement of underground and semi-buried F.

Close We use cookies to offer you the best experience on our site. It gives general recommendations that are not necessarily epurboc in every situation.

Organic matter contained in the domestic wastewater captured by fins on the beads where they stick on contact.

There is a valid contract between the client and the installer. Expect to use concrete sill anchorage in the presence of high water table. Meeting to installation restrictions, security and guaranteeing optimal resistance to compression: Waterproof collar for drained filter FD

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