Commercial enzyme preparations, viz. Pectinex ultra Sp-L and Flaxzyme consisting predominantly of pectinolytic enzymes were found to ret green jute ribbons. Information is needed to optimize enzymatic-retting of flax (Linum usitatissimum L .) based on a pectinase-rich mixture and chelators. Seed flax straw from North. J Biotechnol. Aug 23;89() Enzyme-retting of flax and characterization of processed fibers. Akin DE(1), Foulk JA, Dodd RB, McAlister DD 3rd.

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The interlaminar shear strength test was chosen due to its use and relevance in characterizing the interfacial strength between fibers and resin, as detailed by Foulk et al. Calcium and magnesium are located in the pectin that binds together cellulose fibers with enzyme retting removing this pectin.

Potential of Microbial Enzymes in Retting of Natural Fibers: A Review | BenthamScience

Thus, the mechanical decortication was undertaken before applying the enzyme treatment to keep the mechanical processing consistent among retting levels. Protective effect of maleic acid derivatives on the properties of wool fabric dyed at deg C.

An improvement in performance could demonstrate the potential uses of enzymes to treat natural fibers for enzymqtic that would reduce energy costs, reduce processing costs, maintain quality, and create uniform fibers of known quality or specific quality attributes from crop to crop. FT-IR spectra of kenaf fibre in the frequency range to cm Some retting occurred in the field before collection, but the degree of ret was minor and the unretted stalks were collected by hand to prevent damage from baling for indoor storage.

The methods of retting have witnessed technological advances based on intervention of microbial enzymes resulting in better quality of fibers. Nevertheless, it should be noted that retting alone is not sufficient to separate fibers from the straw and some mechanical processing is required, but the effort needed to perform the mechanical processing is significantly reduced on properly retted stalks.


It is understood that in this type of retting, the biological enzymafic of bacteria is essentially a function of climate parameters that are not controllable and that make it incompatible with effective industrialization process technically and economically.

The method is characterized in that an enzymatic solution containing an endo polygalacturonase EC 3. A h treatment successfully removed the most pectin, lignin, and hemicellulose. The iron levels rerting no trend between enzyme-retting treatments.

Advances in Materials Science and Engineering

enzymtic After separation of the insoluble fraction by filtration or centrifugation, the filtrate was determined, the content of pectic substances according to the method described by Thibault JF MHDP Lebensm. Enzymatic solution rettting to any one of claims 6 to 11 characterized in that the enzymatic enzyamtic is made with water whose total hardness is of the order of 5 to Year of fee payment: Pectinase production by Bacillus subtilis and its potential application in biopreparation of cotton and micropoly fabric.

Efforts have thus been made to find alternative retting methods, and the focus has been on enzymatic retting. Decorticated fiber samples were enzyme-retted in order to yield a range of characteristically different properties and fiber traits. According to the tensile test, the highest tensile strength was observed after 32 h of retting time Table 3. The control, unretted fibers were subjected to the same rinsing, and water soak cycle to ensure handling and removal of contaminants enzymayic washing remained consistent between the samples.

Enzyme treatments using a bacterial pectinolytic enzyme with lyase activity were conducted in lab-scale reactors. In another embodiment of the invention the enzymatic solution comprises an endo beta galactanase EC 3. The degree of retting increased with incubation time. It is known that rettihg cellulose fibers are bonded at the periphery of their natural rod, by cements consisting essentially of pectins and neutral polysaccharides.


Wax in the cuticle is detached via enzyme retting and decreases with enzyme exposure. MG-cp-2 in degumming of ramie Boehmeria nivea and sunn hemp Crotalaria juncea bast fibres. Historically, in Canada, dew-retted flax does not produce high-quality fibers due to the lack of moisture and warm temperatures that would promote colonization of indigenous soil microorganisms and subsequent plant cell enzymayic degradation.

Easily available enzymes as natural retting agents.

Table 6 indicates a summary of the properties tested and the correlations found. The microbial enzymes predominately enzymati are becoming popular for retting of fibers owing to the fact that it results in high quality fiber, save time and is also ecofriendly.

British Library Conference Proceedings The lower part quantity produced by Enzymahic and interest from industry to use biocomposites in their products to achieve weight savings and greener parts provides opportunities for biofiber and biocomposite commercialization. Kenaf bast sticks were transferred to new test tubes, shaken in distilled water, and stained with safranin. Vacuum-assisted resin transfer molding VARTM is a thermoset molding technique that has lower tooling and equipment costs relative to other composite processes.

NL Free format text: Thermosetting vinyl ester resin was used to produce composite panels via vacuum-assisted infusion. A series of tests were conducted to determine the quality of the enzyme-retted flax fibers. The method and the enzyme solution according to the invention can be used with all the bast fiber plants such as hemp jute, ramie, and in particular flax. The results of the analysis are displayed in Table 3.

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