All the red and yellow LED’s above the Instrument-Track buttons will light and the Display will read “ENSONIQ EPS.” If there is no disk in the drive the Display will. This Manual is copyrighted and all rights are reserved by ENSONIQ Corp. .. Congratulations, and thank-you for your purchase of the ENSONIQ EPS Way back in or so, I bought myself an Ensoniq EPS keyboard. . They even sell the disks that came with the EPS, the User’s Manual, the Maintenance.

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If you wanted to remove a natural envelope from a piano, for example, you can use Volume Smoothing over the whole length of the sample. That is, you will hear the most recently selected Instrument over its whole range when you play the keyboard.

ENSONIQ EPS Musician’s Manual

This lets you easily balance the levels of several Instruments when splitting the keyboard or Stacking sounds. KS – Hacker Articles. An Instrument can be any size within the limits of memory – one Instrument might consist of a single Wavesample that plays over the entire keyboard, while another might have as many different Wavesamples.

An “A” appears in the Layer field, meaning “all. Note that you can continue to pes and play existing Instruments while the new one loads. I created this page to collect my research. Move the Cursor to underline the Loop End Percent Reading in parentheses and move it towards the beginning of the Wavesample.

Books and Manuals for the Ensoniq ASR, EPS and EPS Plus Samplers

In the illustration, Instrument 2 is selected. An Instrument which is Stacked will play simultaneously with any other Instruments which are selected or Stacked. The Display looks like this: Musician’s Manuals and Service Manuals Syntaur is the exclusive producer and licensed distributor of these Ensoniq manuals; most are available only as pdf files. Instead of creating new Layers each time we sampled, we could have multisampled the same Layer and spread the new Wavesamples across the keyboard.


If you aren’t happy with the range you set, just play two more keys to set a new range. Repeat until the Display shows the name you want.

When a key is struck, the envelope generator actually interpolates between the two. Sample “two” is in the middle third. See the discussion below.

A Bank will also save any Performance Presets you have created see p. A Layer will only play when the velocity is within the range specified on this Page. Now that we have our Wavesamples, let’s get Velocity in the act This is because the pitch parameters haven’t been converted yet. Just bear in mind that any Instruments in the Internal memory, as well as the Song, must he saved separately on the same disk before ensoniqq can be saved as a Bank. Note that the EPS has no separate level control on the input.

Ensoniq ASR/EPS Archive – R-Massive

To name or rename an Instrument: Note that the Low Key is underlined, meaning that it is selected and ready to be modified. KS – Spaztech Editor. That way, when you do the “Audition,” you can specifically hear the final results of the operation, and not both the source Wavesample and the final results together.

The difference is that with a sampler such as the EPS you can play the recording back at many different pitches at once. That is where Performance Presets come in.


The EPS has a simple procedure for selecting the current Waves ample: Here’s how a typical Instrument might react when you press the different Patch Select buttons: Make sure you are using high-quality name brand floppies.

Some work some don’t. In the end, the EPS worked out ok for me. Demo version EDE will write. Let’s create Layer 3. Note that if you select a Low key which is higher than the High Key, the Instrument will have no range, and will not sound.

It is possible for two Wavesamples to share the same wavedata to save memory but they will always have separate, independent copies of the parameters. The Display will show the Instrument name and Volume setting. This puts you back in Level-Detect mode. Track button again with neither of the Patch Select buttons held down. Don Slepian ennsoniq a stereo Mirage mod for the Mirage sampler. Info about OmniFlop is below.

manuxl If the power goes out, you lose your floppy. German and English language options are available. Level-5 is the sustain level. Over time I hope to expand this by doing full reviews like the ones above.

Normalize Gain finds the largest sample value, and uses that to scale the whole range of the sample to its absolute full level. Also Ensoniq manuals are available.

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