Ensoniq DP4 Audio Effects Processor. There were four ESP DSP chips* designed into this unit, which means four distinct channels of processing. The Ensoniq DP4 is a unique multi-effects processor, capable of processing up to four stereo effects at once. It’s got all sorts of different effects in this digital unit. Find great deals for Ensoniq Dp4 Parallel Effects Processor Item. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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It can be used as a standard processor and confined to an auxiliary table mix using presets, but it’s a shame, it’s enough to look for new sounds with ensonq processor Thanks for the response and the link guys.

But when we understood the architecture of this multi-effects, just a little logic to make the most of this machine. The stompboxes are great but as soon as you buy more than one I think you’re much better off grabbing an eclipse. There may be some differences, but I’m not aware of any major ones. I was about to open the same thread!

Ensoniq DP4 Audio Effects Processor, Dattorro

Tom Metcalf and John Senior and I spent an enormous amount of time developing the algorithms for guitar distortion. We are talking about a great many versatile machine. Are often found in the EQ algorithms and the hair is because it does not always respect the Aiges. All instruments work with DP4, the violins with 8 voices chorus, guitars with ensonuq simulators, but the synths with rp4 time, phaser etc Thanks for the replies!


I’ve really only scratched the surface with the DP4, but have used it enough to get a good idea of what it’s capable of doing and not doing. The programming language we developed for the unit is a model of elegance and power.

Smith of Aviom Inc. While the large number of reverbs and the large number of parameters to manage propose to find happiness if you do not seek super clean reverb, because here the sound is rather fat and a “dirty” choya finally I understand. It’s like everything’s just a matter of enxoniq.

All user reviews for the Ensoniq DP4

The space was based on a number of algorithms from the eclipse as well as other eventide ensiniq. Certainly the individual “units” are mostly very use-able. Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. Noise wasn’t too much a concern anyways, I just needed that last little push over the edge. I found out about the DP4 originally through the early plastikman stuff. The accounting and other treatments on the dynamics, I have not yet tested properly, so I can not really give an objective opinion I just threw a synth bass turns without touching the compression settings.

Out of interest is the DP2 just half a 4 or something completely different?

It is rackable and will take up two spaces in a traditional type of rack casing. It is reminiscent of violinists’ enaoniq of tone quality in very old wooden instruments.


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The biggest concern for both the speed of the module that is not expressed in ms, so it’s ear. Due to the age of ensniq I would replace the memory battery before going to nuts programming your own effects.

It’s ensoinq all sorts of different effects in this digital unit. While it sounds better than most plug-ins, many of the effects are easily beat with hardware effects.

User reviews: Ensoniq DP4 – Audiofanzine

One delay will synchronize with other machines, damage, but overall I liked the delay, but rather organic. Except for the Delays and the Vocal Remover, I designed all the algorithms for this unit, listed below: A very nice contrast to today’s hi-fi vst effects. The delays are great too, I do ensonoq know yet if I will use them because I like those of bcp SXbut make no mistake, they are super nice, special mention tempo delay that can sync via midi.

Each processor was a parallel processor capable of about VLIW instructions per sample period.

I’m a fan of modulations and reverbs and other non-linear, I love making my clothes, make flanges with delays, reverbs and delays with etc.

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