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EN Measurements and intervals. The third part of the standard defines preferred numbers of primary and secondary body dimensions. The product. EN /LC I.S. xxx: Irish Standard – national specification based on the consensus of an expert panel and subject to public. BS EN describes a flexible sizing system based on body dimensions and the related size labelling information for consumers.

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Archived from the original on 3 December The following table shows the primary and secondary dimensions listed in the standard. This tool allows you to create 4 different pictograms that can be used in language-neutral labels to indicate one or several of the following body dimensions: Retrieved from ” https: EN defines several such tables.

This code represents the bust girth for women and the chest girth eh men. All body dimensions are measured in centimeters, except for the body mass. It will define a compact coding system for clothes sizes. For heights, for example, the standard recommends generally to use design dimensions, with a step size of 8 cm.

Online Conversion – The European Clothing Standard EN

The standard does not define such 13402-33 code for children. Others argued that the primary dimension in centimetres should be a prominent part of the code.


For example, the Spanish Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs has commissioned a study [1] to categorise female body types with a view to harmonising Spanish clothing sizes with EN Secondary dimensions are shown in parenthesis.

Each range combines two adjacent size steps.

EVS-EN 13402-3:2017

Writing out all the centimetre figures of all the primary and secondary measures from EN can — in some cases — require up to 12 digits. Wikipedia articles in need of updating from September All Wikipedia articles in need of updating Use dmy dates from January It replaces many older national dress-size systems in popular use before the year Original article can be found here. European clothing standard EN pictogram generator.

The product label states for which range of body dimensions the product was designed. The full list of centimetre figures on the pictogram contains a lot of redundancy and the same information can be squeezed into fewer characters with lookup tables.

Sizes in clothing EN standards Metrication Fashion design. In these cases, one or two “secondary dimensions” can be added to the label. Terms, definitions and body measurement procedure Ej first part of the standard defines the list of body dimensions to be used for designating clothes sizes, together with an anatomical explanation and measurement guidelines: Acceptance of this form of standardisation varies from country to country.


They list all in-use combinations of EN measures and assign a short 2- or 3-digit code to each. This ej has led to a number of problems:.

Primary and secondary dimensions The second part of the standard defines for each type of garment one “primary dimension”. The standard defines similar tables for other dimensions and garments, only some of which are shown here. Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information.

– European clothing standard EN pictogram generator

EN is a European standard for labeling clothes sizes. The fourth part of the standard is still under review. This tool will indicate which is a primary or secondary dimension depending on the selected garment. It is mostly intended for industry to use in databases and as a part of stock-keeping identifiers and catalogue ordering numbers. This is the body measure according to which the product must be labelled. The EN standard consists of four parts: An earlier draft of this part of the standard attempted to list all in-use 13402-33 of EN measures and assigned a short 2- or 3-digit code to each.

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