For those who manage major trauma victims, the topic of fat embolism weighs heavily on the mind. The incidence of this problem can approach. Foram seis casos de síndrome da embolia gordurosa (SEG), nos quais se evidenciou que o politrauma é o principal fator de risco para seu. Filomeno L.T.B., Carelli C.R., Silva N.C.L.F., Barros Filho T.E.P., Amatuzzi M.M. Embolia gordurosa: uma revisão para a prática ortopédica atual.

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Ann Intern Med gordueosa There were six cases of fat embolism syndrome FESwhich showed that polytrauma is the main risk factor for its development and that initial therapy was not important. J Pathol ; Unraveling the fat embolism syndrome. Fat embolism prophylaxis with corticosteroids. The early biochemical and hormonal profile of patients with long bone fractures at risk of fat embolism syndrome.

Ainda segundo Bosse et al. Regarding the initial treatment, they were divided into: Sinceit has been published every two months. A randomized study in patients with a femoral neck fracture. Journal List Rev Bras Ortop v. Its target audience comprises anesthesiologists who are members of the Brazilian Society of Anesthesiology and other physicians with interest in the area.

Embolia gordurosa: uma revisão para a prática ortopédica atual

Prevention of fat embolism syndrome emboliq patients with femoral fractures–immediate or delayed operative fixation? Operative management of lower extremity fractures in patients with head injuries. Obviamente que quanto menor a quantidade de gordura intramedular, menor a chance de ocorrer EG.


Published online Sep Fatal fat embolism in acute hepatic necrosis with associated fatty liver. N Engl J Med ; The fat embolism syndrome.

Conflicts of interest The authors declare no conflicts of interest. Pathophysiology and management of the fat embolism syndrome.

Services on Demand Journal. Blood alcohol and fat embolism syndrome. Embolism; fat; Arthroplasty; Fractures. AO principles of fracture management. Conclusion Polytrauma patients have a greater chance of developing FES and there was no influence from the initial treatment. Skeletal traction versus external fixation in the initial temporization of femoral shaft fractures in severely injured patients. Regarding the classification of fractures classification Gorxurosa 6which takes into account the energy of the trauma, a higher prevalence of type C fractures was expected in patients with FES because they are fractures with greater instability and greater mobility in the focus; therefore, a greater release of fat emboli is expected.

Fat embolism syndrome in femoral shaft fractures: does the initial treatment make a difference?

Fat embolism syndrome in isolated femoral fractures: The polytraumatized patient is more likely to develop FES, and in our casuistry the initial treatment did not influence in its development. Table 1 Distribution of patients as to initial treatment. J Appl Physiol ; Bronchoalveolar lavage for rapid diagnosis of the fat embolism syndrome in trauma patients.

Scroggins C, Barson PK. Subscribe to our Newsletter. Value and limitation of meta-analysis. A prospective, randomized clinical trial. Pulmonary function during and after total hip replacement. The result of those reactions is the capillary meshwork rupture, followed by hemorrhage and edema on affected organs.


Embolia gordurosa grave no peroperatório de lipoaspiração abdominal e lipoenxertia

Prevalence of fat embolism following bilateral simultaneous and unilateral total hip arthroplasty performed with or without cement: Operating characteristics of a rank correlation test for publication bias.

J Thorac Cardiovasc Surg ; In the remainder of the group 13 patientsfour were submitted to bed rest, four had definitive treatment in the emergency room, five underwent skeletal traction, but none of these cases had FES. Internal fixation of multiple fractures in patients with polytrauma. Current concepts of respiratory insufficiency syndromes after fracture.


To identify the risk factors correlated with the initial treatment performed. Support Center Support Center.

J Bone Joint Surg Br. See the referenced article with doi: Relevance of the drainage along the linea aspera for the reduction of fat embolism during cemented total hip arthroplasty. Some physiological aspects of prosthesis stabilization with acrylic polymer. Em nosso meio, Engel et al.

In the group of patients with indication of temporary fixation, Scannell et al. Echocardiography of transatrial embolism during cemented and uncemented hemiarthroplasty of the hip.

Consumption coagulopathy in the canine oleic acid model of fat embolism.

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