OLEG D. JEFIMENKO West Virginia University. Electrostatic M o t o r s It is also interesting to note that certain types of electrostatic motors were frequently. From Oleg D. Jefimenko, Causality, Electromagnetic Induction, and Gravitation: A Different Approach to the Theory of Electromagnetic and. Electrostatic Motors. Oleg Jefimenko and David K. Walker. Everyone is familiar with the property of elec- tric charges to attract or to repel one another.

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For example, a single sharp point can draw electric current from the surrounding air at a rate of only about a millionth of an ampere. Although its measured efficiency is better than 50 percent, Poggendorff regarded it merely as an apparatus for investigating electrical phenomena. One model consists of a series of disks mounted on a common shaft.

So I go out on my step and what to my wondering eyes doth appear but the box from Amazon. The tinsel functioned as multiple needle points.

Jefimenko’s Electrostatic Motors & Heaviside’s Gravitational EM Analogy

Strips cut from window screening would doubtless work equally well. Although it varies widely, strength of the field averages volts olleg meter. I had corrected the imbalance caused by a lump of cement at one end of the rotor by adding a counterweight on the opposite side at the opposite end of the cylinder.


As Jefimenko explains, the force can be increased by adding both moving and fixed electrodes.

Corona rotors can of course also be made in the form of disks. The motor operates on a few microwatts of power. This motor consisted of a plastic disk about three millimeters thick and 40 millimeters motofs diameter supported in the horizontal plane by a slender shaft that turned in jeweled bearings.

Views Read Edit View history. Franklin was incredibly lucky to have survived his celebrated kite experiment.

He has learned that their performance can be vastly improved by properly shaping the corona-producing electrodes [see illustration at right]. To make wiring simple, we used standard connectors on the Wimhurst collectors, and meter leads with regular banana plugs and alligator clips to hook up the motors.

All that would be required if corona motors were used for this purpose would be to operate local low-voltage a. At higher altitudes the rate decreases. Each insulating arm of the crosses supported a comblike row of sharp needle points that grazed the glass. Effective cylinders can be motor inexpensively out of plastic sewer pipe. It operates at speeds of up to 12, revolutions per minute at an efficiency of substantially more than 50 percent.

Jefimenko puts on an impressive electrostahic.

It was invented in by Benjamin Franklin. An electrostatic charge for driving the motor was stored in Leyden jars. The only essential metal wlectrostatic are the electrodes and their interconnecting leads. The high-voltage terminals of two or more Leyden jars that carried charges of opposite polarity were positioned to graze the thimbles on opposite sides of the rotating wheel.


Forces that act between the sprayed charges and the ooeg electrodes impart momentum to the cylinder.

Oleg D. Jefimenko – Wikipedia

Air jefimwnko reasonably well at that potential. Motors of this type are based on the force of mutual attraction between unlike electric charges and the mutual repulsion of like charges. The strength of the force is at a maximum because the electret is close to the electrodes.

Nevertheless his example calculations are important basic references to the topic of Faraday induction. This is typically totally ignored in the EM community. In a particularly spectacular experiment, Jefimenko turned on a Van de Graaff generator — a device that creates a very-high-voltage field. If you like clear edges, you can buff them on a wheel and the whole thing becomes transparent.

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Apart from possible applications electrostatic motors make fascinating playthings. The laser beam would ionize the air, creating an invisible conductor through apparently empty moors.

The charm of these motors lies in the fact that, although they do not accomplish very much, they can run forever.

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