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We have sinned against our God, and have taken strange wives [ desenmadcarado ] of the people of the earth. To this end I have translated the best known Talmudic books which refer to the Christians, and have arranged these sources in such order as to bring out clearly the picture of a Christian as represented to the Jews by the Talmud.

The Heave offerings for the priests.

Pranaĭtīs, I. B. (I︠U︡stīn Bonaventura) -1917

In the Iore Dea5, 12those who celebrate the feasts of Christmas and New Year, eight days afterwards, are called worshippers of the stars and planets: We shall watch with interest the reactions that will follow its appearance, and venture to suggest that critics be as careful to document their evidence as has been done with the facts presented herein.

And parents tell their children the conversation of Christians is so horrible and vicious that they conceive an implacable hatred of Christians from their very cradle. The Gemarah is followed by additions called Tosephoth. And when Judas saw he could not win out over the works of Jesus he pissed on Jesus, and both thus being unclean they fell to earth; nor could they use the Divine name again until they had washed themselves.

Nor can they ever be relieved from this service. All and every single Jew, of whatever sex and age, must everywhere wear the distinct dress and known marks by which they can be evidently distinguished from Christians.


Treats of prescriptions for that Day. Treats of laws concerning found property, concerning trust, concerning buying and selling, lending, hiring and renting.

All Jewish literature is forbidden and no book by a foreign Jew can be translated into Italian. She was the mother of Peloni, ‘that man,’ as he is called in the tract Schabbath ,” fol. Treats of the ritual uncleanness of hands, according to the traditional law, and of their purification. Moses Mikkozzi, 57 referring to the above text of Abhodah Zarahsays: And sometimes even when their neighbors’ wives are at home, they prefer to fornicate with the animals; for they love the sheep of the Israelites more desenmascarxdo their own women.

V, we find the ek opinion: This controversy raged all over Europe. For we find in John ch XVIII, v22, that when someone struck him on the face, he did not turn the other cheek, but became angry on account of this one stroke and asked ‘Why do you strike me’?

Treats of the corners and gleanings of the field. Treats of vows and their annulment.

Justin Boneaventure Pranaitis – O Talmud desmascarado – The Savoisien

Treats of the Sabbatical Year. Nor is the shadow forbidden us if the church stands in a place where formerly there was a public road, which was taken from the community and the house of idolatry built upon it. Why therefore does the Scripture say it may be thrown to ‘dogs? This is what they did to the son of Stada in Lud, and they hanged him on the eve of the Passover.

Joseph Karo, a Rabbi of Palestine borndiedsupplied this need by his celebrated commentary on the Arbaa Turimwhich he called Schulchan Arukh — the Prepared Table. They change the point and insert Iodwhich makes it read to mean sin, foolishness and transgression. Heaven promised to those who kill Christians 7.


The reason is because a distinction can be made between a place into which an idol will be carried in order to leave it there permanently, and a place where it will not be left permanently, in which case it is allowed. This program includes stirring the Negro population on the theory that disturbances of this kind help the Jew. In the same tract a little farther on 22a it is explained why animals must not be allowed in the barns of Gentiles, and why Jews are not permitted to ttalmud sexual intercourse with them: Talnud this reason some parts of the Mischnah are lacking in the Gemarah.

Pranaĭtīs, I. B. (I︠U︡stīn Bonaventura) [WorldCat Identities]

Treats of the sacrifices consisting of fowls, the offerings of the poor, etc. Every Jew is therefore bound to do all he can to destroy desenmadcarado impious kingdom of the Edomites Rome which rules the whole world.

Desenmascwrado therefore decreed that no one must learn them, and they placed two dogs upon two iron columns before the Sanctuary so that if anyone should learn them the dogs would bark at him coming out and he would forget the letters through fear.

That the Jews understand this story to refer to Jesus and his mother, Mary, is clearly demonstrated in their book Toldath Jeschu—’ The Generations of Jesus’ — where the birth of our Savior is narrated in almost the same words.

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