I saw some of his stuff online: , and was curious as to if later on in life and he likes to push handstand, quadruped and grip training. I got his handstand book and gymnastic abs-decent info but WAY. Download Eddie Baran – Gymnastic Handstand Training-Manual. This book featuring Ed Baran, expands upon the three handstand exercises Matt Furey describes in Combat Conditioning. I recommend it if you are serious.

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You and your brother Andy do a terrific job. Swings and getups, and evil wheel, and hanging leg raises are a lot cheaper, and more effective.

I didn’t start at the most advanced exercises, or even intermediate ones, but at the beginning. This new course gets you off the wall so you will balance on your own thereby developing super physical powers.

You have a breakthrough success. You’ll have a blast with this and trust me using the exercises in combo with other CC exercises will not only make you stronger but leaner and you’ll shed more.

Naturally, you don’t need to tune in to his life-changing advice. Now I train for function and strength, the ripped and defined look comes as a bonus with the functional strength. I look forward to progressing from level 1 to level To order a copy of the book, go to http: With this expertise and experience we are going to provide this knowledge with you.

And same goes for the pretty boys who grace the popular men’s fitness magazines.

“Create a New YOU Today!”

Since I’ve added the exercises with other programs i’ve lost around pounds of bodyweight and started showing more muscle. This training is extremely fun to do. I got your Gymnastic Abs program yesterday.

Hanrstand know that if they can train this type of handstand they have reached a level of physical mastery that few others have. I am 59 and it dawned on me a few years ago that just losing weight wasn’t going to firm me up with my outsized mid-drift bulge. Was a great day, one of the best.


If that hxndstand the case then who could possibly see himself getting very far; adding more and more reps doesn’t appeal to anyone. All you need is your body and the course.

Baran hopped onto the bodybuilding and weight training bandwagon hoping to get massive. After 3 weeks I was seeing improved endurance and power when pulling through over hangs on rock climbs. Trsining me, gymnastics is not just a bunch of short guys throwing themselves around. Gymnasts are truly the strongest athletes in the world.

The time now is I think Ed’s new program is the Bees Knees! Of all the questions that I get as a fitness coach and author, the most common is, not surprisingly, how to do a freestanding handstand. You could do everything you’re supposed to do but your abs would still be fragile and weak.

He put his heart into everything for 20 years Weightlifting, Endurance Training ect. Thanks so much Eddie for this one-of-a-kind program. Although big, Baran was hardly strong and definitely not a conditioned athlete.

By the way, Eddie respects your privacy and will never trade, rent or sell your email address to anyone. I too had that feeling in my muscles which confirms an effective workout.

I will be buying more from you knowing the quality and information is second to none. I know because I’ve been there. Not only do they depend on it to do well in the sport but also it could save their lives.

Gymnasts have lots of other skills to practice and need the biggest bang for their buck when it comes to conditioning.

This not only ensures you progress in strength but it also keeps you motivated and enthusiastic about working out. He got into gymnastics later on in life handstadn he likes to push handstand, quadruped and grip training. Worst of all, the typical ab training is ineffective. My chiropractor who is very good at what he does recommended this program to get rid of the love handles and flab.


The course is awesome and I can’t wait for your next project. Baran was extremly skeptical about this “bodyweight” Idea traininh thought that this was was going to be a walk in the park.

Eddie Baran – Gymnastic Abs

For the next decade, Baran continued on his bodybuilding quest, bulking up from a lean pounds to a puffy, pumped-up, supplement-bloated pounds. We call this program Gymnastic Handstands. You must adopt a gymnast’s approach if want this impressive traininy of functional gymnaztic. It wasn’t long until he became such a hit with the coaches that they had him start teaching the kids his new found conditioning.

When Eddie Baran talks abs I’m listening.

Anyone, any age or level; man, woman or child. Those aren’t REAL abs. How many reps of a typical abdominal exercise can you do before you want to kill yourself? The book rocketed all the way up to 85 overall on the Amazon. I can only imagine what an entire course is going to do for my body if that short time I committed to at the seminar revved my muscular engines so quickly. It also ranked 2 in the Healthy Living category and 3 in the Exercise and Fitness category.

Nobody minds a little pain but typical core training is always the most unpleasant feeling. Eddie is by far one of the most revolutionary trainers today and it comes to no surprise from his Primate Power course he is a powerful man.

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