Just a quick update after finishing 12 of my planned 25 EarthTainers. Here is a link that might be useful: EarthTainer II WaterMizer Edition. Here is the link: pdf Raybo Here is a link that might be useful: EarthTainer II. Here is a link that might be useful: Rev EarthTainer Construction Guide .. The EarthTainer II improved design now uses a shorter Aeration.

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Mark All Forums Read. You have a few punctuation errors too raybo.

After it soaks earthtziner the water, check the level of mix in the wicking basket to see if it still comes up to the top. I live in a community with a home owners association hoa which restricts what I can do in my yard.

Posted by Jack at 8: I might have to try building one of these new and improved EarthTainers. I love these self watering containers. Damon Last edited by sprtsguy76; February 22, at Find More Posts by newatthiskat.

Hi Dice, My assessment is that the landscape fabric is quite inelastic, and does not stretch under weight.

Find More Posts by oc tony. Posted by Jack at 1: You had a lot of emphasis on the contact of the wicking area to the main body in the previous versions.


Damon, What li of application did you find most effective? I plan to build an EarthTainer for the sole purpose of growing ginger. I don’t think that will work for very long, especially when moving them.

I nominate you for an oscar in the veggie world! No slits at all in the landscape fabric, other than to skirt around the filler tube.

The New EarthTainer III “Convertible” Guide Now Available – Page 2 – Tomatoville┬« Gardening Forums

This blog will share how successful vegetable gardening can be even with limited space. Originally Posted by duckfan. I have limited space for vine crops, and am wondering if this would work for cantaloupe, or not????

I have struggled for years trying to find a means warthtainer grow them but they bolt because of the temperature swings we have and our soils are too cold to promote good growth.

Self Watering Container Garden. Visit Dewayne mater’s homepage! Originally Posted by les matzek ray two evanley spaced bolts on euther side would give much more support there would very little sageing if the bolts where about 1 inch up from the bottom of the earthtainer with the potting mix, regards.

HI Raybo, Thanks once again for all your hard work in putting together this new ‘tainer version. Instructions to mound up mix in the basket oi adding the landscape fabric should eliminate possible problems with setting the whole thing up dry before adding water via the reservoir which is the way most gardeners transplant and repot: Have a eadthtainer invention to help with gardening?


Like usual I did not Listen.

Suburban Vegetable Gardner

I think it’s very important that oi be crystal clear on the packing down and the mounding and its importance. Having said that, my concern with the EarthBox for me was that it only held about 1.

Find More Posts by earthtaiher matzek. Have a great invention to help with gardening? You never want an air-pocket to develop in between the landscape fabric and the top of the potting mix in the wicking basket or the system will stop wicking.

I also might not catch the importance of the mounding and packing of the wicking basket. Are you the self-reliant type that prefers Building It Yourself vs.

I love their large yellow flowers Like the one above and think it is really neat to see the zucchini grow right behind the flower, but one is enough.

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