Early Autumn: A Story of a Lady [Louis Bromfield] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Book by Louis Bromfield. Editorial Reviews. Review. Truly lovely. Gillian Flynn –The New York Times Early Autumn – Kindle edition by Louis Bromfield. Download it once and read it on. A Bromfield Galaxy: The Green Bay Tree, Early Autumn, A Good Woman [Louis Bromfield] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Early Autumn: A Story of a Lady by Louis Bromfield

Olivia learns that John Pentland loves Mrs. This is the case for Aunt Cassie the family busy body and Sabine Callendar. It seemed like a nondescript melodrama, and nothing that history can’t easily leave behind.

And thrown into the mix, the impetus for the conflict, is Sabine Callendar, the niece of John Pentland, who is divorced and the black sheep of the family, whose experiences growing up with the Pentland family have left her jaded and wanting to see the Pentland family get their comeuppance.

Tragedies interrupt the placid existence at Pentlands, as the different generations of Pentlands react to these events in their own ways. Nov 16, Liz Chapman rated it liked it. He can’t help it.

The novel opens as Olivia’s daughter, Sybil, returns home from a boarding school in Paris. But even upper-class society is changing: All of his 30 books were best-sellers, and many, such as The Rains Came and Mrs.

Early Autumn by Louis Bromfield

I think reading about these women and the choices they make helps me think about my own life and choices. I’ve learned now, and it is a thing which needs learning, the most important thing in all life.

Soames is unseemly so Aunt Cassie saysbut no one can openly criticize him for it as John Pentland is the patriarch of the family. She meets a man who brings the thrill of love and a new meaning to life. He elucidates and spells out every thought, emotion, lpuis action for each of the characters, leaving nothing between the lines for the reader to infer. Overall, this was a good, though not exceptional work.


1927: Early Autumn, by Louis Bromfield

His attention to the widowed Mrs. I found the characters believable considering the setting. This novel is both a sad story and a satire. You are commenting using your Twitter account. The Pentlands say that they can trace their family heritage back to the founding of the Massachusetts Bay Colonyand Anson is writing a book about the family.

Olivia, again, showed valiant character with her honesty to herself and others without revealing harmful secrets. There were a lot of good elements here, in the setting and the backstory, but once I knew Olivia would be sacrificed to endless Duty, I felt like it was pointless.

Bromfield focuses his story on a rich, Puritan New England family, the Pentlands.

Many of the “old line” families have either died off or moved away, while many nouveau riche have moved into the area who do not share the same old-fashioned values and observe the same old-fashioned norms of behavior that the Pentlands do. The French are right about it. That auttumn of breathlessness, of revelation and reluctance, is really well developed. She is quickly hushed by Miss Egan, and soon falls back into muddled incomprehensibility.

It’s just a lot of exposition and not much narrative. And John Pentland, who has just seen the last of the Pentlands die, begins making his own plans for warly on the family when he is gone. I found it to be a truly brilliant work of literature.

When I was halfway through brimfield novel, I realized that there had only been two events that seemed to have any effect on the plot at all. I kept thinking about the concept of having a wild, passionate nature balanced with the society people are brought up in autumj recognize as right and correct. Quotes from Early Autumn: Olivia is almost 40 years old, and she increasingly feels trapped and stifled by her life.

The Pentland family is rich and part of earoy upper class, but their world is rapidly changing. John Pentland has given her the chance, through her control of the family brromfield, to force the Pentlands to adapt rather than die off like so many other upper-class families have.


The landscape around Durham is without color, as are bromfirld Pentlands. I’m not really sure what to say about this Pulitzer Prize Winner. But I was soon sucked in. Alas, he now demands the same thing from Olivia, after he names her the new head of the house of Pentland, after his death, she is the inheritor of the wealth and as he repeatedly states, the only one capable of keeping the household together, Anson has always been unable to lead, or control anything.

Bromfield’s eloquence when describing both his characters and their surroundings bromfifld breathtaking, and his accuracy in describing the characters’ complicated emotions makes it apparent that he knows human nature very well. Trivia About Early Autumn: She has loved madly and lived wildly and she is bromfieod afraid of upsetting the order of things.

The book is about what happens when traditions become more important than people, when a family name Pentland means more than life itself. Jun 09, Realini rated it really liked it Shelves: And the writing was indeed grand and worth reading the book!

It is my favorite Pulitzer winner to date. For me, just a good, solid 4 stars, but I’m glad not to have missed it.

Early Autumn: A Story of a Lady

As a girl, she was taught nothing of what is important in the world, she has married a man she has loved, but with what she received from Aunt Cassie among others, she was unable to find happiness with a man that was full of vitality and zest and who went on to marry another woman- strangely, Sabine would be friends with this other consort.

Usually, I like historic romances but this was totally boring. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here

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