Dune Rats & Volley create shoe collection ahead of album launch


The Australian group Dune Rats are preparing the release of their third album True rare whale in June, with the launch of a new line of shoes.

The shoes are a collaboration with Volley and will range from $19.99 to $99.99.

The band hails from Brisbane, which is currently being ravaged by extreme weather and flooding. They said $5 from every shoe sold through www.volley.com.au will be donated to the Red Cross Flood Appeal.

The shoes will also be available at General Pants and City Beach stores.

The entire range includes two original shoe models, socks, a backpack and a hat.

Dune Rats singer Danny Beus recalled his fond memories of growing up around Volleys.

“The first time I remember Volleys, my dad’s toe was sticking to the end of his favorite pair because he’d worn them too much,” he said. “So we had to shop around to get a new pair.

“I’ve continued to wear them over the years, as I’m sure most people have, and if you ask anyone who’s been on a roof, you’re less likely to come across your ass if you’re wearing a pair of Volleys.”

Volley lead designer Derek Yuen said it was “a lot of fun” working with the Dunies.

“They were heavily involved in the creative process of developing this collection, working on ideas and concepts, and making sure all the details were right,” Yuen said.

“We talked extensively throughout the product design and development process and we are all thrilled with the end result, which was truly a team effort.”

Beus echoed that sentiment and signaled that there was more to come.

“When we met the legends at Volley, we were thrilled there was an instant vibe and a solid idea to create something together,” he said. “We’re super excited to make some incredibly original Dunies shoes and there will be even more bright and bold kicks to come.”

Fans of the band have been encouraged to take the kicks to upcoming shows, including the This That festival and gigs in Canberra, Darwin, Coogee and Merimbula.

The shoes go on sale tomorrow, March 4.


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