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Reader Comments 39 comments Posted Nov 23, 7: Foul language is not permitted, nor are personal attacks. The DS constant has been considered deprecated since Joomla 1.

ÇözümPark – windows adc ile ilgili sorular

However, though DVD and HD sports broadcasts are what many people are most interested in, that may not be you. Posted Sep 12, 6: The new p projectors do have the potential to make this type of programming slightly sharper than it will appear on most p projectors. It will play p content via it’s HDMI input.

There are several reasons for this. Most likely we will also have a first alpha release in one to two months so extension developers can makes use their code continuous to work.

As far as the difference between watching the same blu-rays and HD content on a p sorupar a projector?

I have z,l very, very picky eye, and even standing there seeking out even the slightest of improvements in native p projectors using Blu-ray via hdmi, I did in fact see a slightly sharper image, and naturally better blacks and contrast but mind you-there are plenty of p projectors that have the same or superior blacks and contrast as most p models. Because they control the minds of the masses. Subscribe to Receive Articles. Sorulae in doubt, you can always use JPath:: This should have been marked in the source code, unfortunately in the 1.


Posted Sep 12, 5: It will not be shown to other site viewers. Likewise, a p signal has pixels of horizontal resolution vertical scan lines and pixels of vertical resolution horizontal scan linesso if you convert from p to i, you actually gain horizontal resolution, is this correct?

Now I can see just how good Blu-ray is. And at p I get better resolution than someone using zooming to get a 2. The unstoppable movement in video content is to P. Both are primarily p devices that will likely continue to output in p or less as the games use more of the systems processing for visual effects.

The reason we did the whole exercise is speed BTW, back in the 1. Slight improvments only and the general population won’t notice the differnce at all. If you want to truly enjoy xorular movies you will have to buy a P projector. Eckian Post sorulra Comment Alert Moderator Max you will see a big difference because the P projector in addition to more resolution will have better contrast, black level and shadow detail.

If you are planning on using it for gaming, you better get a hell of a good video card. Posted Nov 23, 7: On my devel J1.

So it got me thinking 1 buy p now or 2 buy cheaper P now and upgrade to p later when more content is available. Posted Feb 28, 6: It gives professional results and it can even take pictures in the dark.

Why they made a change like this one?! Posted Aug 23, 2: However, the difference will not be significant, and in many cases it will not even be noticeable even in a side by side viewing.


1080p vs. 720p — Which should you buy?

It won’t up-convert from SD for some silly reason, will it? Posted Jul 1, 1: Posted Sep 11, 7: But there is the potential for a slightly sharper image from HDTV i broadcasts when using a p projector.

But a playstation 3 has to process these images and seems to do it at a much more reasonable price, sorulxr don’t get me started about the lamp costs. If I stand more than 13 feet away, though, this difference is very difficult to distinguish.

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So which is the better pixel rate to stick with? True enough DS is only used 16 times. The additional resolution of a p projector won’t make most HD sports broadcasts look any higher in actual resolution since the signals are limited to lines of video information per frame. Of course, if you’re rich then you won’t even be reading this article since you’ll just get the best that’s available. We have heard this argument for years, even when very few of the HTs in our homes had available content to display at I or P.

All comments should remain on topic. The real messed up thing, is that they’re pushing LCD technology for only one reason: Just curious as my Optoma can down convert p to p, but as the ps3 can display both, I’m wondering if it’ll look better set to p or p Get off those as soon as you can, maybe after support for 1.

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