Drunk driver crashes into wall at Richland Nursing Facility



A drunk driver left a hole in the wall of the Life Care Center in Richland after crashing into it.

Tri-City Herald

A drunk driver crashed into two rooms of a nursing and rehabilitation facility in Richland, backed up and drove off.

People spotted Robin Pischel, 72, crossing Goethals Drive shortly after 4 p.m. Thursday before taking a sudden turn and jumping over the curb in front Richland Life Care Centersaid Richland Police Commander Darryl Judge.

His van punched a hole in the wall right next to at least one bed, according to photos posted on the Facebook Group Tri-Cities Bad Driver Shaming.

Collision investigator Officer Kevon Skinner discovered no one was in bed at the time, the judge said.

Video shows employees telling Pischel to stop his truck after he pulled out of the hole and drove into Goethals.

Witnesses called 911 and followed Pischel from a safe distance as he walked east on Adams Street. He stopped the truck in front of a house, where the police caught up with him.

Investigators said Pischel had slurred speech, had difficulty standing, and had only one shoe. They had to stop the field sobriety test they were giving him because they were worried he might hurt himself.

Pischel was taken to hospital for a blood sample and to be examined. Medical personnel discovered that he was injured and had to be hospitalized.

He was cited for hit-and-run and DUI, the judge said.

The Richland Fire Department said the damaged building was structurally safe.

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